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Supplemental Solicitation Documents

BC-03-31-20-41; Paul Russell Road - Exterior Entryway Project

BC-04-02-20-39; Ice Machines, CS

BC-03-05-20-40; Seminole Radio Control Club Airfield Relocation - Re-bid

BC-03-10-20-38; East Side Branch Library

BC-02-28-20-37; Septic System Services - CS

BC-02-06-20-33; Seminole Radio Control Club Airfield Relocation

BC-02-13-20-31; Meridian Road Drainage Improvements Project

BC-01-17-20-24; Solid Waste Collection Services in Leon County - Re-Bid

BC-01-23-20-26; Re-Bid - Scale Maintenance and Repair, CS

BC-01-16-20-21; Re-Bid - Old Bainbridge Road Safety Improvements from US 27 to County Line and at Knots Lane

BC-01-16-20-23; Re-Bid - Apalachee Regional Park Cross County Facility

BC-01-16-20-22; Mowing Services, CS

BC-12-05-19-16; Disaster Recovery Consultant

BC-11-19-19-05; Okeeheepkee Prairie Park Nature-Based Playground

BC-12-03-19-19; Hazardous Tree Trimming and Removal Services, CS

BC-10-31-19-02; Leon County Government Annex (Bank of America Building) 1st Floor Renovations

BC-11-12-19-11; Apalachee Regional Park Cross County Facility

BC-11-07-19-09; Harbinwood Estates SWMF Sinkhole Repair Project

BC-11-05-19-08; Raymond Tucker Road Drainage Improvement Project

BC-10-31-19-07; Courthouse Level P3 - MIS Telecom Room Renovations

BC-09-24-19-44; J. Lee Vause Park – New County Work Building

BC-09-24-19-45; Centerville Trace Dam Repair

BC_08-20-19-35; Site Clearing and  Demolition Services, CS

BC-08-08-19-40; Linene Woods Drainage Improvements - Phase 1 - Rebid

BC-08-06-19-31; Water Quality Monitoring Services

BC-07-09-19-32; Innovation Park Walking Trail

BC-06-11-19-30; Miccosukee Road and Georgia Street - Intersection Improvement Project

BC-06-11-19-28; Sidewalk and Associated Work Construction, CS

BC-06-18-19-29; Rental of Tents, Tables, Chairs and Accessories for Special Events, CS - Rebid

BC-05-02-19-13; Open-Graded Hot Mix Bituminous Pavement in Place, CS

BC-05-09-19-19; Rental of Tents, Tables, Chairs and Accessories for Special Events, CS

BC-05-21-19-22; Linene Woods Drainage Improvements Phase 1

BC-05-21-19-23; Goodwill Donation Station Relocation

BC-04-16-19-10; Courthouse Renovations-Suite 443 State Attorney's Office

BC-07-24-18-47;  Miccosukee Road Drainage Improvement Project
- Attach_#5 Bid Sheet2018.xls
2018/RevisedBid Sheet2018-Amendment1_1.xlsx

BC-02-08-18-11 Asphaltic Concrete Materials & Services
 - Asphaltic Concrete Materials and Services Continuing Supply Summary of Pay Items

BC-02-08-18-12 Woodside Height Wastewater Retrofit
  - Attachment A - Permit Card
  - Attachment B - Location Plans
  - Attachment C - Environmental Permit
  - Attachment D - Brent Lots Plans
  - Attachment E - Briandav Lots Plans
  - Attachment F - Florence-Flagg Lots Plans
  - Attachment G - Greanleaf Lots Plans
  - Attachment H - Shannon Lots Plans
  - Attachment I - Woodville-Eire-Margo-Susan-Amy Lots Plans
  - Final Report Geotechnical Investigation (Pump Station)  
  - Report of Geotechnical Investigation

BC-12-14-17-10;  Woodville Basketball Court Replacement

Addendum 1.pdf

BC-10-31-17-03;  District II Medical Examiner's Office Construction

Att. 6a - SPECS-VOLUME 1.pdf 

Att. 6b - SPECS-VOLUME 2.pdf;  Att. 6c - SPECS-VOLUME 3.pdf

BC-09-14-17-52;  Solid Waste Cell Closure, Phase I

Addendum #2 Leon County - Phase I Bidding 090517.xlsx

BC-10-02-17-01 Compute/Storage Environment Replacement

Checklist-Vendor.xlsx   Addendum 1.pdf                 

BC-05-04-17-38;  Fred George Road Box Culvert

Copy of Bid SOV_Fred George Road_Culvert and Trash Screen.xlsx

BC-04-27-17-34;  St. Marks Headwaters Greenway, Phase I, Baum Road to Equestrian Trailhead

St. Marks Headwaters Greenway-Phase I-Bid FormLocked.xlsx

BC-02-09-17-18;  Aerial Photography, Survey Control, Aerotriangulation, LiDar Survey, & Planimetric & Topographic Mapping


BC-10-25-16-02;  Closure of the Leon County Solid Waste Landfill

Attachment A - Leon County Landfill Closure-Final Bid Set.pdf
Attachment B - Leon Landfill Closure Bid Technical Specific.pdf
Copy of Attachment C - Cost-Rate Sheet.xlsx
Phase II - Revised Attachment A - Final Bid Set - 12.11.2017
Phase II - Revised Attachment B - Bid Technical Specs - 12.13.2017
Phase II - Revised Attachment C - Cost-Rate Sheet - 12.13.2017

BC-12-20-16-11;  Apalachee Regional Park Access Road Improvements

Unit Price Sheet_Apalachee Regional Park_Access_101916.xlsx

BC-12-06-16-10;  J Lee Vause Grass Overflow Parking & Entrance Improvements
Unit price Sheet.pdf

BC-11-22-16-09;  Okeeheepkee Prairie Observation Deck


BC-10-13-16-01  Public Defender's Office Renovations


BC-07-07-16-32 Medallion Way & Buck Lake Road Drainage Improvements

Medallion Way-Bid Sheet-71216.xls.xlsx 
BC-04-28-16-22,  Sidewalks, Continuing Services

Bid Pricing Sheet 4-18-2016 Final_Rev 1.xls

BC-04-21-16-21 Old Bainbridge and Pullen Roads Roundabout


BC-03-22-16-20  Linene Woods Culvert Rehabilitation

Updated Copy of Pay item sheet Linene Washout 3-15-2016.xlsx

BC-12-17-15-11  Guardrail/Handrail, New Installation and Repair, Continuing Services

Unit Price Bid Sheet.xls

BC-12-22-15-09  Robinson Road Flood Relief

Attachment #10 Bid Price Sheet (Revised)

BC-12-22-15-10  Lake View Drive Improvements (Re-Bid)
Attachment #10 Bid Price Sheet (Updated)

BC-11-10-15-05  Geddie Road & SR 20 Intersection Improvements

Geddie-SR20-Cost Estimate.xlsx

BC-11-05-15-03  Asphaltic Concrete Materials & Services

Copy of Asphalt Bid Price Sheet10_14_15.xls

BC-09-01-15-49  Jackson View Landing, Boat Ramp & Park Amenities Project

BC-07-28-15-43 Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail
Attachment #6 - Revised Bid Pricing Sheet 7-24-15.xlsx (use this one)
Revised Attachment #3 - Revised Construction Plans - Phase 1 - 7.15.15.pdf
Revised Attachment #6 - Revised Bid Pricing Sheet.xlsx 
Attachment #2 - COT Technical Specifications for Water and Sewer Construction.pdf
Attachment #3 - Construction Plans - Phase I.pdf
Attachment #4 - LAP Construction Requirements.pdf
Attachment #6 - Bid Pricing Sheet.xlsx

BC-06-25-15-39 Killearn Lakes Greenway Maintenance & Restoration
Plans, Phase 1A (Unit 1) Construction documents.pdf
Att 3 - Unit Price Sheet.xlsx

BC-04-28-15-25 Lake Heritage Dam Improvements
Lake Heritage Bid set full 2-23-2015.pdf

BC-04-28-15-29 Sale of Modular Office Complex
Modular Office Building Pictures Specs.pdf

BC-04-30-15-28 Kinhega Drive/Beech Ridge Trail Roundabout
Full Set Plans Kinhega.pdf