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Government > Documents > Business Impact Estimates
Government > Documents > Business Impact Estimates

Business Impact Estimate

This dedicated page is in accordance with Section 125.66(3)(a), F.S., where the impact of proposed ordinances on the business community is transparently assessed. As of October 1, 2023, CS/SB 170 went into effect. The bill mandates local governments to produce a comprehensive business impact estimate before enacting an ordinance, with specific details outlining its purpose, anticipated economic impact on businesses, and associated compliance costs. According to Section 125.69, F.S., this estimate is required to be posted on the local government's website no later than ten (10) days before the scheduled Public Hearing. Here, you will find the statements fulfilling this obligation, ensuring transparency and accountability in the legislative process.

Posted Date Proposed Ordinance Business Impact Estimate
2/9/2024 Solicitation Private Property BIE
3/29/24 Draft Repealing Peddlers Ordinance BIE

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