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BC-12-18-14-04 Autumn Woods Area Drainage Improvements

BC-08-12-14-36 Provision of Medical Examiner Facility in Exchange for Conveyance by Sale, Lease, or Land Exchange of County Property @ NE Corner of Blair Stone Road and Miccosukee Road

BC-08-05-14-43 Countywide Video Production & Public Relations, Continuing Services

BC-06-26-14-41 RFP for Architectural, Engineering, Interior Design & Related Services, Continuing Supply

BC-05-20-14-29 Tourism Research Services

BC-06-17-14-33 Consultant Services for the Development of the State Expenditure Plan Required by the RESTORE Act

BC-05-06-14-28 Tourism Related Advertising, Promotional, and Public Relations Services

BC-04-03-14-27 RFP for Reverse Auction Services

BC-03-18-14-24 Solid Waste Consulting & Engineering Services

BC-02-27-14-11 Jail Renovations

BC-02-27-14-22 Fred George Greenway Museum and Nature Center Renovation

BC-11-21-13-08 Bank of America Building Re-Roofing

BC-11-14-13-09 Bank of America Building Waterproofing

BC-11-05-13-10 Sheriff's Office Envelope Repairs

BC-11-07-13-06 Miccosukee Road Signing & Pavement Marking

BC-10-30-13-05 Asphaltic Concrete Materials and Services, CS

BC-10-15-13-02 Killearn Lakes Unit 3, Drainage Improvements

BC-09-17-13-67 Miccosukee Greenway Trail, Phase II

BC-08-22-13-50 Miccosukee Road Signing and Pavement Marking

BC-07-23-13-57 Open-Graded Hot Mix Bituminous Pavement in Place, Continuing Services

BC-07-09-13-55 Water Quality Analysis Monitoring, CS

BC-07-02-13-53 Chaires Community Park Improvement Project

BC-05-30-13-48 Renovations of the 7th Floor of the BOA Building

BC-05-30-13-44 Miccosukee Community Park Improvements

BC-05-23-13-38 Professional Management & Operation of the Capital City Amphitheater at Cascades Park for All Ticketed, Regional Concerts

BC-05-23-13-41 Courthouse Elevator Upgrades No. 1&2

BC-05-16-13-43 Edinburgh Estates Drainage Improvements

BC-05-21-13-45 Hazardous Waste Disposal, Hazardous Waste Center

BC-05-16-13-42 Caulk and Weather Seal @ Leon County Jail

BC-05-02-13-39 Resurfacing of Tennis Courts @ Chaires Community Park

BC-04-25-13-36 Meridian Road & Rhoden Cove Road Intersection Improvements

BC-04-25-13-37 Property Assessment Clean Energy Administrator

BC-04-23-13-34 Sidewalk Construction, Continuing Services

BC-04-18-13-35 Courthouse New Fire Alarm System

BC-03-28-13-28 Courthouse Roof Coating

BC-03-14-13-27 Killearn Lakes Drainage Project

BC-02-19-13-25 Administration of Deferred Compensation Plans (457 & 401a)

BC - 01-23-12-20 Solid Waste Collection Services

BC-01-23-13-21 Operation & Management of the County's Solid Waste Transfer Station

BC-12-20-12-22 Re-Roofing of Leon County Jail Annex

BC-11-30-12-19 Rodent & Termite Pest Control Services

BC-11-30-12-18 Printer/Copier Maintenance & Support, CS

BC-11-15-12-15 Leroy Collins Library Call Street Parking Lot Entrance Automation

BC-11-06-12-12 Parking Lot Improvements @ Huntington Oaks

BC-11-01-12-16 Mental Health Competency Restoration Services for Leon County Courts

BC-10-30-12-08 Fairbanks Ferry Emergency Access

BC-10-23-12-07 Disclosure Counsel for Leon County

BC-10-27-12-06 Bond Counsel for Leon County

BC-10-16-12-03 Lakeside Drive Drainage Improvements

BC-07-17-12-50 Installation & Maintenance of Striping & Pavement Markings

BC-06-21-12-49 Bannerman Road & Bull Headley Intersection Improvements

BC-05-24-12-64 BOA Building Fire Pump Replacement

BC-05-03-12-62 Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-7

BC-04-25-12-45 RFP for Stormwater Assessment Study

BC-04-12-12-46 Brushy Creek Culvert Replacement

BC-04-17-12-44 RFP for Solid Waste Assessment Study

BC-03-22-12-40 Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-6

BC-03-15-12-39 Mobile Home Replacement

BC-02-29-12-36 Terre Bonne Culvert Crossing & Pavement Replacement Project

BC-03-01-12-33 Full Service Chiller Maintenance Agreement, Continuing Service Addendum 1 RESCINDED

BC-03-01-12-35 Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-4

BC-02-17-12-30 ITB for Killearn Acres Subdivision Middle Basin Drainage

BC-02-29-12-36 Terre Bonne Culvert Crossing & Pavement Replacement Project

BC-02-14-12-27 Re-Roofing of Courthouse Annex

Salamanca & Palencia Courts Stormwater Project

Magnolia Drive & Lafayette Street Intersection Improvements

Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-3

Sod Services, Continuing Services

Ben Boulevard Infrastructure Improvements

Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2012-1

Leon County Parking Garage Sprinkler System Upgrade

Sharer Road Outfall Stabilization

ITN for Design and Installation of Solar and/or Other Electrical Power Production at Leon County Solid Waste Management Facility

L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Steel Support Structure for Photovoltaic Array

L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Geothermal Loop HVAC System

L.C. Sustainable Demonstration Center - Electrical

Lake Jackson Branch Library, Community Center and Huntington Oaks Renovations

ITN for Consoles for the Public Safety Center

Asphaltic Concrete Materials and Services, Continuing Supply

Grounds Services, Leon County Facilities Management

Chaires Fire Station Addition

RFQ for Economic Feasibility Assessment

RFP for GPS Electronic Monitoring Services for L.C. Probation

Timber Lake Stormwater Enhancement Project

Custodial Services, Group 3; Continuing Services

L.C. Courthouse Window & Parapet Wall Flashing

ITB for Fonvielle Farms Control Structure BC-05-19-11-40

Lawndale Road Drainage Improvements & Buck Lake Road Intersection Improvements

LC Courthouse, Judicial Section, Elevator Upgrades, No's 6 & 7

Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2011-2

ITN for Public Safety Complex Visualization and Collaboration System

RFP for Home Replacement

RFP for Emergency Medical Services Patient Accounts Receivable Services

RFP for Civil Engineering Services, Continuing Supply

ITB for Housing Rehabilitation, Group 2011-1

Miccosukee Greenway Trail Improvements

Cooling Towers & Closed Looped Systems, Continuing Services

Design & Installation of Electrical Power Production @ L.C. Solid Waste Management Facility

Custodial Services/Group 2, Libraries & Group 4, Other Buildings

RFP/Aerial Photography/Survey Control/Aerotriangulation/LiDar Survey & Planimetric & Topographic Mapping

RFQ for Fairgrounds Re-Development Feasibility Assessment

The Roberts and Stevens Clinic HVAC Improvements

RFP/Grant Administration/Management Services-Florida (CDBG) Program; Disaster Recovery Initiative Project #10DBK4024701K21

RFP for Fairgrounds Re-Development Feasibility Assessment

ITN for Design I Installation of Electrical Power Production @ the Leon County Solid Waste Management Facility

Roofing Repair & Replacement, Continuing Supply

Security Guard Services, Continuing Supply

Woodville Community Center Library Addition

RFQ/Court-Ordered Services: (Anger Management; Victim Awareness; Anti-Theft; Consequences of Writing Worthless Checks; Batterer’s Intervention; Driving Under the Influence; Driving While Licenses Suspended of Revoked; and Vehicle Immobilization)

Construction of Leon County Public Library Eastside Branch

Natural Bridge Road Bridge Repair

Custodial Services for Leon County Courthouse & Courthouse Annex

Alexandrite Court Drainage Improvements

RFP for Diversion Through Vocational Training Program

Uniform Rental and Associated Services; Continuing Supply

Mowing & Other Maintenance Services; Conveyance Systems

Community Services Building, HVAC Improvements - Phase 1

Edenfield/Barfield Intersection Storm Water Improvements

Installation of Metering for Methane Gas Flare System

Resurface Gum Road Transfer Station Tipping Floor

Bathroom Renovations for Sunset Landing