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Government > Documents > County Charter

Leon County Charter

On November 5, 2002, Leon County citizens voted to adopt a Home Rule Charter, granting County citizens the authority to manage their own governmental affairs with the Board of County Commissioners acting as our governing body. A charter is a local "home rule constitution" approved by the local electorate, which specifies the structure, organization, and authority of county government. Leon County is the 19th charter county in Florida.

The Home Rule Charter in 2002 included:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the County’s Constitutional officers
  • The County’s relationship with its municipalities
  • A separate executive and legislative branch under the council-manager form of government
  • Charter Amendment Process

According to the Leon County Charter, a Citizen Charter Review Committee must be convened every eight years and charged with reviewing the County Charter and proposing any amendments or revisions for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners that may be advisable for placement on the general election ballot. The first Citizen Charter Review Committee was convened in 2009, while the most recent committee was convened in 2017.

Review the following resources to learn more on the County's Home Rule Charter:

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