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Drug and Alcohol Testing

County Employee in a face shield handling some drug testing equipment

Teresa Broxton, Director


James Crum, Drug Screening Coordinator


Malana Grimes, Assistant Drug Screening Coordinator


The Leon County Drug and Alcohol Testing Division provides substance screening (drug and alcohol) for court ordered defendants. The division work collaboratively with the Supervised Pretrial Release and Probation divisions to monitor a defendant or probationer for abstinence while on community supervision.

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Division also provides employment testing such as pre-employment, return-to-duty, reasonable suspicion, and random Department of Transportation (DOT) drug screening in compliance with the Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy under state and federal laws. The Division staff is DOT certified for alcohol and drug screening.

The Division is open to the general public for all services. Please contact the Drug Screening Coordinator at 850-606-5763 with any questions.

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