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Supervised Pretrial Release

Teresa Broxton, Director


Ashley Jones, Pretrial Supervisor


Felisa Demps, Senior Officer


The Supervised Pretrial Release Division provides supervision for defendants released by the court as an alternative to incarceration in the Leon County Detention Facility. Pretrial defendants are managed in the community until final case disposition, thereby saving costly jail beds for higher risk offenders. The division performs two critically important tasks that contribute to the efficiency of the Leon County Criminal Justice System. 

In accordance with Administrative Order 2019-05, a Probation/Pretrial Officer is on duty in the Leon County Detention facility 24/7 to conduct interviews and assessments of arrestees booked into the facility. The interviews include defendant information such as prior or current criminal history, residence, employment or student status, and ties to the community and risk factors that may impact public safety. All defendant information is provided to the First Appearance judge to assist in making informed release or detention decisions and the imposition of conditions to enhance victim and public safety.  

Defendants may be released into the Supervised Pretrial Release Division with or without the requirement of posting a monetary bond prior to release. Additionally, defendants may be required to adhere to conditions such as substance testing, substance use disorder treatment, mental health counseling, curfew, and electronic monitoring to enhance victim and public safety while being supervised in the community. 

Defendants released to community supervision are monitored by a Probation/Pretrial Officer for compliance with all court ordered conditions through regular contact with a Probation/Pretrial Officer. The Probation/Pretrial Officer is responsible for promptly reporting issues of non-compliance to the courts through an Affidavit for Violation of Supervised Pretrial Release. The court may issue an Order to Show Cause Capias for the defendant to be returned to custody until he/she goes before a judge or a Notice to Appear may be issued to address the violation at a future court event.  

Defendants are required to pay a $40 administrative fee and all of fees associated with their conditions of release. 
The Supervised Pretrial Release Division staff is responsible to providing the following services to defendants and the courts:

  • Refers clients, as needed, to appropriate community-based agencies for assistance with human services such as emergency sheltering, housing assistance, employability training, job placement assistance, transportation, substance use disorder treatment, and/or mental health counseling.
  • Documents all contact with defendants to monitor their progress and compliance with court ordered conditions.
  • Monitors defendants with court ordered conditions of abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs through required substance testing.
  • Provides supervision to clients ordered electronic monitoring such as Global Positioning Satellite Monitoring for 24/7 location tracking and Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring for 24/7 transdermal testing for alcohol consumption detection.
  • Notifies the courts regarding issues of non-compliance with court ordered conditions in a timely manner.
  • Supervised Pretrial Release staff attend First Appearance Hearings 365 days per year to provide information on defendants to assist the judge in making informed release or detention decisions, and any conditions of release to enhance victim and public safety. 

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