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Leon County Probation



To better serve citizens, Leon County Probation relocated to 501 Appleyard Drive. This transition has brought all services of the Office of Intervention and Detention Alternatives together in one location. 

Teresa Broxton, Director

Anthony Washington, Probation Supervisor

Shakonda Beamer, Senior Officer

Kimberly Holland, Senior Officer


 The Probation Program is responsible for the supervision of clients who have been sentenced in the second judicial county and traffic court and to direct the toward successful completion of court ordered conditions and mandates in lieu of incarceration.

As a public entity, providing services to the court, the program is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Provides supervision to clients and refers them to appropriate community based agencies for assistance
  • Documents all contacts with clients and  verify completion of special conditions
  • Monitors clients to ensure they remain drug and/or alcohol free
  • Officers provide testimony in court and make recommendations for violation of probation court cases
  • Provides supervision to house arrest clients and enforce conditions
  • Facilitates the collection of restitution for victims, cost of supervision and work program/community service fees
  • Monitors community service/work program participants
  • Prepares notice of compliance or non compliance for the court
  • Provide case management to GPS clients
  • Act as a liaison for mental health clients with community mental health providers

Case management is provided to approximately 1700 clients per month. Clients are assessed a $55.00 per month fee for their cost of supervision. More intense supervision is a feature of the Domestic Battery and DUI caseloads. We do not accept transfers; however we will assist defendants in identifying comparable programs to complete conditions ordered by the court in their respective jurisdiction.  It is the policy of the Division not to transfer cases out of the County, opting instead to place on mail in supervision. Additionally, we provide house arrest, and global positioning satellite monitoring as an alternative to incarceration, where the client is electronically monitored by an ankle bracelet 24 hours a day. Clients pay $35.00 per week for this alternative sanction. The house arrest option allows the client to remain in the community and maintain full time employment to meet his financial obligations.

Community service and work program assignments utilize a court ordered labor force that generate a significant cost savings to the county.

The following is a current listing of Probation Officers:

Shakonda Beamer, Senior Probation/Pretrial Officer; (850) 606-5614;

Kimberly Holland, Senior Probation/Pretrial Officer; (850) 606-5630;

Randy Rhoney, Probation/Pretrial Officer II; (850) 606-5615;

Johnny Lane, Probation/Pretrial Officer II; (850) 606-5627;

Jeanette Gaskins, Probation/Pretrial Officer II; (850) 606-5613;

Felisa Demps, Probation/Pretrial Officer II; (850) 606-5761;

Malana Grimes, Probation/Pretrial Officer II; (850) 606-5730;

Richard Ziegler, Probation/Pretrial Officer II; (850) 606-5624;