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Protective Measures


Mosquito control can be divided into two areas of responsibility: individual and public. Individual mosquito control includes those mosquito problems which can be handled by the individual, such as emptying containers around the home, wearing proper clothing and etc. Public mosquito control involves those mosquito problems that trouble homeowners and the general population and cannot be eliminated through individual efforts, but instead, must be managed through an organized effort. Below is information about the different areas of the Protective Measures Section.

  • Personal Protection: Discusses measures the individual can take to protect themselves from mosquitoes. Includes the use of DEET, proper clothing and etc.

    Source Reduction: Discusses how a homeowner can reduce mosquito production around their home by following these simple steps.
  • Chemical Control: Discusses the use of chemicals in the control of mosquitoes and lists several EPA documents concerning the chemicals approved for use in mosquito control.
  • Biological Control: Discusses the use of biological control methods in mosquito control. Includes Bti, mosquitofish and more.

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