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mosquito fish

The mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis, has been extensively used in mosquito control for many years with mixed results. The information below discusses the limitations associated with the use of mosquitofish along with their distribution and taxonomy. Watch a mosquitofish eating mosquito larvae.

Mosquitofish Forum: This forum is from the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, 12(2):155-166, 1996 and is a very good discussion of the limitations of using mosquitofish in mosquito control. (5MB in size) 

Mosquitofish Distribution: This is page 56 from American Museum Novitates Number 2951 (cover) showing the distribution of mosquitofish in the United States. 

Gambusia affinis versus Gambusia holbrooki

Common Names

Gambusia holbrooki - "eastern mosquitofish"
Gambusia affinis - "western mosquitofish"

How to tell the difference?

One of the key taxonomic feature for separating G. affinis from G. holbrooki is the gonopodia (reproductive structures). The figure below was taken from American Museum Novitates Number 2951 (cover).

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