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Aerial Spraying Conducted in 2012


Tropical Storm Debby

Due to a surge in the mosquito population from flooding caused by Tropical Storm Debby, which has generated an excess of more than 5,500 service calls to Leon County Mosquito control for spraying of yards and neighborhoods, aerial spraying for mosquitoes in Leon County has been scheduled for Saturday evening, July 21 through Sunday morning, July 22, weather permitting. Spraying is scheduled from dusk to dawn; approximately 8:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m., in the southern portion of the County – the most severely impacted area.

The decision for aerial spraying was made due to the overwhelming increase in the mosquito population, with the advisement of County health officials and in direct response to citizens’ recent requests, which are currently averaging 500 calls per day.

At this time, there have been no reported or confirmed mosquito-borne diseases in Leon County. The Health Department advises that an aerial spray is appropriate to stop any potential spread of mosquito-borne disease.

An aerial effort in the south portion of Leon County allows officials to refocus existing spraying resources towards other areas of the County that will not be within the scope of the aerial spray. Leon County Mosquito Control has been utilizing trucks seven days a week during evening hours. However, Tropical Storm Debby has created a level of demand that cannot be addressed with ground spraying and hand fogging alone.

Any previous service request to the County for yard or street spraying, in the effected areas of the aerial spray zone, will be considered as resolved after aerial spraying.

The attached map indicates the zones targeted for aerial spraying.  Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has indicated the levels of the organophosphate insecticide Naled (Dibrom) released per acre of ground in aerial spraying are not harmful to humans or animals, citizens concerned about exposure to the chemical Naled (Dibrom) should stay indoors during the scheduled spraying timeframe.

If inclement weather occurs, spraying is tentatively scheduled to be moved to Sunday evening, July 22 through Monday morning, July 23.

To read a fact sheet on Naled (Dibrom) and view a larger map of Leon County’s aerial spraying zones, please visit Leon County Mosquito Control’s website or contact Leon County Mosquito Control at (850) 606-1400.

NOTE:  The aerial spraying schedule noted is contingent on weather conditions.  Changes will be communicated daily to the local media and posted on Leon County Mosquito Control’s website.

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