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Meridian Road Closure

Meridian Road Drainage Improvements Project


Meridian Road Closure Between John Hancock Drive and Timberlane Road

Beginning on May 11, 2020, Meridian Road between John Hancock Drive and Timberlane Road will be closed for construction improvements for approximately 10 weeks.

Where is this closure located? The Meridian Road Drainage Improvements Project is located in northern Leon County within the Fords Arm South watershed in the area adjacent to Meridian Road at John Hancock Drive, approximately one-half mile north of Interstate 10. 

What is the purpose of this project? The primary purpose of the project is to address both water quality and historic flooding issues that impact the southeast area of Lake Jackson. Under existing conditions, rain water during storm events overtop Meridian Road and create hazardous roadway conditions and issues with stormwater runoff. This flooding causes Meridian Road to close annually.  By enhancing and replacing current infrastructure, this project will decrease the number of emergency road closures in the area due to flooding and help protect water quality at Lake Jackson.

During construction, work will be done to place box culverts and drainage pipes, upgrade the water line, relocate the sewer line and construct the headwalls for the drainage structures.  

The project improvements include the following:

  • The single pipe under Meridian Road will be replaced with the construction of a cross drain made up of three box culverts, thereby providing ten times more flow capacity than currently exists.  It will eliminate the hazardous condition that continually occurs in storm events by allowing the runoff to flow under Meridian Road instead of over the roadway as it currently flows.
  • Stormwater runoff in the Lexington Branch, together with the runoff from a large creek coming from the south, will be directed into sediment sumps to allow sediments to settle. Built up sediments will be maintained and removed by the County to ensure that excess sediment does not reach and pollute Lake Jackson.
  • The channel from Lexington Road will be stabilized to reduce erosion and the transport of sediments into the Lexington Branch and Lake Jackson.
  • The City of Tallahassee’s water main and sewer line will be replaced along Meridian Road as part of needed infrastructure upgrades.

How long will the project take to complete? The construction as designed requires the full closure of Meridian Road for up to ten weeks beginning on May 11, 2020. Construction was originally scheduled to begin on June 1, but  has been moved up to May 11 due to the extended closure of Leon County Schools due to COVID-19.

Why is the road closing now? The timing of the Meridian Road closure was determined as part of the overall Meridian Road Drainage Improvements Project.  This project was approved on February 25 by the Board of County Commissioners and began in March 2020.  The overall project is scheduled to be completed in March 2021.  Though the overall improvements are projected to take a year, road construction is planned to take 10 weeks.  All road construction was to be completed during the summer break of Leon County Schools to minimize the traffic impact.  Construction was slated to begin on June 1, but was accelerated when Leon County Schools made the decision to close for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year due to COVID-19.

What is the detour route around the road closure? Leon County Public Works has created a suggested detour route that guides traffic to Thomasville Road and Timberlane Road.  The proposed detour has been designed to alleviate potential traffic hazards on Live Oak Plantation Road.   As Live Oak Plantation Road has no signals, this route does not allow for a protected left turn to Timberlane Road.  With the expected increase in volume of traffic, re-directing drivers to Live Oak Plantation Road would create a traffic safety hazard.  Thomasville Road and Timberlane Road can both safely handle the additional traffic volume. 

Where can I get more information? For questions about the closure, email or call Leon County Public Works at (850) 606-1500. To receive updates on the status of the closure throughout the project, sign up for alerts with the form below.

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