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Right-Of-Way Management

The mission of this program is to provide for the safety, comfort, and convenience of the public by managing activities that support roadside vegetation management and beautification in a cost effective manner.

Summary of Key Service Functions

  1. Maintenance of 606 miles of county roadsides.
  2. Development and implementation of the Canopy Roads Management Plan.
  3. Review of tree removal requests and the pruning and removal of high risk trees and invasive exotic plants
  4. Assist with project implementation of the Leon County Tree Bank.
  5. Litter control and roadside mowing to enhance the functionality, safety, and effectiveness of the roadside environment for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  6. Administers the Adopt A Road Program .
  7. Maintenance of the clear recovery zone along county roadways wherever feasible.
  8. The mowing of stormwater management areas.
  9. Administration of the Adopt-A-Tree program.
  10. Coordinating and support and annual Arbor Day celebration.

Featured Video

2023 Annual Report Video 4:12