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School Bus Stop Lighting Program

Leon County Government invites residents to join us in creating safer bus stops through our School Bus Stop Lighting Program.

The Leon County School Bus Stop Lighting Program is designed to improve lighting conditions at school bus stops in Leon County. Through this program, residents can submit a request to Leon County to install streetlighting at school bus stops in the unincorporated area to enhance visibility and safety for students, parents, and all community members using these stops.

By installing proper lighting in rural areas, Leon County seeks to improve visibility and safety during early morning and evening hours, provide a sense of security for students and parents waiting at bus stops, and improve lighting conditions to help drivers more easily spot students waiting at stops.

Click here to submit a request form for the Leon County School Bus Stop Lighting Program

Who can submit a request?

All Leon County residents in the unincorporated area can submit a request for the County’s School Bus Stop Lighting Program. To determine if you live in the unincorporated area, visit

How much will it cost?

Streetlights in unincorporated Leon County for school bus stops meeting the criteria in the approved policy may be installed and funded by the County’s capital improvement project budget as part of its streetlighting programs.

How does the program work?

  1. Assessment and Evaluation: Leon County staff will review the request and completed documentation to ensure the school bus stop meets the eligibility criteria and is located in the unincorporated area. The applicant will receive notification from Leon County regarding the approval or denial of their request for installation.
  2. Planning and Implementation: Once the request is approved, the bus stop will be placed on the implementation list. Projects will be prioritized in the order in which their applications were approved. Approval and scheduling of all requests for improvements are contingent upon the availability of program funding.
  3. Installation: Utility providers installs streetlighting at the identified bus stop. To ensure optimal visibility, the County utilizes energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

Upon receipt of the request for a streetlight at a school bus stop, Leon County staff will evaluate the following eligibility criteria:

  • The requested streetlight must be installed along a linear road segment, at an intersection in unincorporated Leon County, or in a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) right-of-way.
  • The existing road right-of-way is sufficient for streetlight installation while maintaining roadside safety according to current engineering standards.
  • Leon County Schools determines that the bus stop will continue for more than five years based on current information.
  • School bus stops located inside a subdivision or at the end of a private driveway that only serves one household will not be eligible for streetlights through the County.

What if I live within City limits, on private roads, or in a subdivision?

Individuals living within the Tallahassee city limits are encouraged to make requests regarding streetlights through the City of Tallahassee’s DigiTally app or by calling the City’s Electric & Gas Utility department at 850-891-4968.

Residents in the unincorporated area on private roads or in subdivisions are not eligible for the program. However, similar to City residents, they have the option to contact their utility providers to have lights installed. For Talquin Electric information, customers can visit

Contact us

For more information on the County’s School Bus Stop Lighting Program, please contact Customer Support Engineer Felton Ard, Leon County Public Works, at or (850) 606-1515, or contact Design Engineer Justin Kinsley, Leon County Public Works, at or (850) 606-1528, or email

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