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Probation Highlights

Leon County

The Office of Intervention & Detention Alternatives has improved and expanded alcohol testing for clients with this special condition. A separate alcohol line was put in to handle all the alcohol line calls. All weekday testing will be done at the Leon County Drug and Alcohol Division located at 501-D Appleyard Drive. The hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  All after hours, weekend, and holiday testing will be done at the Leon County Jail. The dedicated line also reduces the amount of calls that the support staff answer and redirect in the probation office. 

The Domestic Violence Probation Officers have improved their data collection. Previously information such as new battery charges same victim; new charges different victim had not been reported. All of this information will be shared with the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

In an effort to improve customer satisfaction the waiting area of the office has been expanded and made more customer friendly. Standard probation conditions are explained and often asked questions are answered. We believe that this service will also diffuse frustrations that are often present when clients report directly from the courtroom. This service does not replace the case management provided by the officers and only augments.

Effective May 1, 2008 the probation supervision fee has been increased to $55.00 per month for both reporting and non reporting clients. The work program and  community service fee remain at $30.00 and the No-Show fee is $35.00 for each occurrence. 

GPS tracking and house arrest are available to the Court when more restrictive sanctions are required. House arrest is a continuing signal system where the client is confined to their residence unless approved by the probation officer. The officer receives a notice when the client is not in compliance however, the system  does not track the clients location. 

GPs tracking  provides for "active" and " passive" satellite electronic monitoring. "Active" GPS clients' locations are recorded and monitored at all times and a Pretrial Specialist is available 24hours a day to respond to non compliance. "Passive" tracking also records the client location however, the review is not done immediately.  Probationers court- ordered to be monitored by means of a GPS unit are supervised by both a Pretrial Release Specialists and a Probation Officer. Pretrial Release Specialists are responsible for all aspect of the GPS monitoring. The Probation Officer is responsible for enforcing all of the standard and special probation conditions.