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The Board of County Commissioners, at the request of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC), facilitates the application process to establish a list of diverse, qualified service providers (e.g., private for-profit and/or not-for-profit agencies, or professionals in private practice).  Providers will deliver outcome-based, comprehensive and consistent services to defendants that have been court-ordered to classes in anger management, victim awareness, anti-theft, consequences of writing worthless checks, batterers’ intervention, driving under the influence (DUI), driving while license suspended or revoked (DWLSR), and/or vehicle immobilization.  From the applications received, there will be established a list of diverse, qualified service providers.

Applications for new providers wishing to be added to the Provider List will be available semi-annually in April and October of each year.  Applications will be made available beginning on the first of the month and must be submitted to the Probation Division no later than the 30th.  The application packet may be picked up in the Leon County Probation Office or downloaded from the links below. Please note: the links will only be available from 4/1-5/1 and 10/1-11/1 for providers to obtain the application.  The completed provider application will only be accepted in April and October of each year.

Approved qualified providers will remain on the active list for a period of three, one-year terms absent any proof that may result in disqualification.  A provider shall notify the Probation Director within five (5) calendar days in the event of loss of license or certification, canceling six or more sessions in a six month period, or criminal charges brought against a provider or key personnel.  The CJCC, or designated subcommittee, shall evaluate any such actions to consider disqualification and make a determination on a case-by-case basis.

Applications will be screened and the CJCC, or a designated subcommittee, will consider and approve applications for those  Providers that will deliver services in the most cost effective manner to be placed on the Provider List.  All Providers, including any current Providers, must apply and be approved before being placed on the Provider List.  Those providers approved through this process will receive court-ordered referrals thereafter.  However, the court reserves the right to utilize any service provider it deems in the best interest of the justice system.  Applications for new providers wishing to be added to the Provider List will be available in April and October of each year and will go through the same review process.  The CJCC and Leon County reserve the right to call for re-application, change the process, remove providers for due cause, or make other modifications to meet the needs of the justice system.

Providers may apply for one or more service areas; however, a separate application packet as defined herein is required for each area of interest.  The service areas are: Anger Management; Victim Awareness, Anti-Theft; Consequences of Writing Worthless Checks; Batterer's Intervention; Driving  Under the Influence; Driving While Licenses Suspended or Revoked; and Vehicle Immobilization

These services should be designed to assist the Board of County Commissioners to achieve a long-range goal of decreasing crime and criminal justice involvement. 

If you are interested in submitting your application for services, please return to our website in  April and October, download the form and submit by the deadlines noted within the packet.