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In Leon County, an estimated 30,000 tons of food are sent to the landfill every year, which averages to 200 pounds of food for every citizen. The good news? Leon County has launched two composting initiatives to help citizens, businesses, and organizations divert food scraps from the landfill and turn trash into treasure.

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter into a rich soil amendment through the decomposition of organic (previously living) materials. Composting is different from decomposition in nature, because a controlled environment allows the materials to break down more quickly. Food scraps and yard waste make perfect components for a successful compost yield.

Fruit and vegetable scraps, expired produce, paper napkins, and coffee can all be composted, while coffee cups, pastas and grains, meat and bones, fried food and food cooked in oil, dairy products, recyclables, non-biodegradable waste, and bio plastics can not be composted.

Download a copy the Composting Do's and Don'ts.

Leon County offers two composting opportunities to help provide citizens, businesses, and organizations with more opportunities to compost.

Pilot Compost Drop-Off Site

Pilot Compost Drop-off Site

At the Solid Waste Facility (7550 Apalachee Pkwy), residents can bring their food scraps to drop off into the compost bins at Leon County’s pilot compost drop-off site (located next to the mulch pick-up area).

Initially, the County plans to use the compost of County facilities. Future plans include offering compost to community gardens and other organizations.  In the success of this pilot project, the County will look at other opportunities to expand the drop-off program to other facilities in the county.

Compost Bin Sale

Are you interested in composting at your home or work? You're in luck! Leon County offers Earth Machine backyard compost bins and counter-top kitchen compost collection bins at wholesale price for all residents, organizations, and businesses. If you're interested in getting a bin but cost is a barrier, email to discuss alternative options for obtaining your own backyard compost bin and counter-top kitchen compost bin.

If you're interested in purchasing a bin, please fill out the Compost Bin Interest Form, and the Office of Sustainability team will let you know when bins are available for sale and pick-up.

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Composting at home, at work, or your faith-based organization is easier than you think! Interested, but not sure how to compost? Leon County and the UF/IFAS Extension Office have plenty of resources available to help you out.  

Composting Resources

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