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Why is it Important to Teach Sustainability?

Teaching students about sustainability and environmental stewardship is an important lesson that will encourage them to think critically about their lifestyle choices and personal impact. It can help with positive character development, encouraging conscious consumerism, and learning to treat the world around them with respect. Children also tend to have a powerful impact on family members and those that surround them – if they proactively take action, they can teach others about reducing consumption, recycling and preserving Earth’s resources.

More than anything, sustainability education in the classroom should be fun, hands-on, and encourage them to get involved!

Growing Green Education: Lessons for the K-5 Classroom

Leon County Office of Sustainability has created Growing Green Education, which consists of lesson plans for elementary schools. These lessons are tailored to school standards and are intended for use by teachers of Leon County.  The lessons cover a range of topics with fun and engaging activities to encourage students to think sustainably.

Download the Lessons here!

*Note: Most of the lesson plans have additional attachments that are not available for download on this website, such as student worksheets and PowerPoints. Look at each lesson plan's materials list to determine what is needed. Please contact to get these other attachments.

  1. Garbology: What's the Best Place for Waste?
  2. Packaging Overload
  3. Recycling Relay
  4. Recycle Card Sorting Game
  5. Green Classroom Checklist


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