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Historical Background Surrounding the Development of Article XI, Uniform Street Naming and Property Numbering System Ordinance of the Leon County Code of Laws

The Joint Leon County/City of Tallahassee Uniform Street Naming and Property Numbering System Ordinance was adopted in December 1995 in response to numerous concerns and safety issues from Emergency Service Providers in attempting to locate citizens needing assistance in a timely manner. Specific concerns were unnamed roads, rural route addresses, duplicate street names and other problems that impact emergency service providers. For more information, see the Addressing Policies and Procedures Operating Guidelines.

The Leon County Addressing Section is a subsection of the Code Compliance Services Division and is responsible for the assignment of addresses to properties from public or private roadways within the Leon County Jurisdiction. The section is also charged with assigning street names for both Leon County and the City of Tallahassee pursuant to Chapter 10 of the Leon Development Regulation of the Leon County Code of Laws.

Effective with the adoption of the Joint Leon County/City of Tallahassee Street Naming and Property Numbering System Ordinance, the Joint Addressing Steering Committee (ASC) was created for the purpose of intergovernmental cooperation and communication. The committee is also charged with the responsibility of overseeing the street renaming process, providing oversight and coordination of the duplicate and sound alike street renaming process.

The Joint Addressing Steering Committee meets on a bi-annual basis (every six months) to ensure intergovernmental communication. However, if special circumstances warrant, any member may request a special meeting in order to resolve critical addressing or street naming concerns.

The ASC Committee Make-up includes

Leon County Development Support & Environmental Management (DSEM)
(2) City of Tallahassee Growth Management (TGM)
(3) The Department of Planning, Land Management and Community Enhancement (PLACE)
(4) Emergency Management Agency (EMA)
(5) The City of Tallahassee Fire Department (TFD)
(6) Inter-local Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
(7) Leon County School Board (LCSB)
(8) Leon County Property Appraiser’s Office (LCPA)
(9) Leon County Emergency Medical Services (EMS - Ambulance Service)
(10) United States Postal Service (USPS)
(11) Consolidated Dispatch Agency (CDA)

Leon County-City of Tallahassee Addressing Steering Committee Statements

Vision Statement

The lack of uniformity of a numbering system causes a higher potential for longer response time for providing emergency services and loss of efficient delivery of mail and other services. The goal is to provide a complete set of addresses for Leon County and the City of Tallahassee which eliminates major addressing issues, and develops a uniform and compatible system for users of this information within and outside of the governmental agencies.

Purpose Statement

In a conjunctive approach, Leon County and The City of Tallahassee joined in the creation of the Uniform Street Naming and Property Numbering System. This Numbering System is a cooperative approach of both governmental agencies that provides for the improved delivery of emergency services, thus enhancing the overall quality of life, health, safety and welfare of citizens.

Mission Statement

The Addressing Unit’s Mission is to assign street names and street address numbers where needed with the intent and purpose of the implementation of a more uniform addressing system throughout the County and City, thereby enhancing the health, safety and welfare of all citizens.

Mission Slogan

"Addressing the Future"

For more information not shown on this page, please contact our office at 850-606-1300 and ask for the Service Advisor for Addressing.

Addressing Contacts

Lisa Scott

Mark Pritzel

Street Naming Packet Information for Leon County-City of Tallahassee

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