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Development Services

Ryan Culpepper

Ryan Culpepper,
Development Services

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435 N. Macomb Street
Renaissance Center, 2nd Floor
Tallahassee FL, 32301

The mission of the Development Services Division is to guide and support the development of sustainable communities through the adopted policies of the Comprehensive Plan and development standards of the Land Development Code, while ensuring and promoting the quality of life for all citizens of Leon County

The Development Services Division provides current planning services, including land development code (LDC) interpretation and implementation (land use, zoning, site plan and subdivision review and approval, sign code and temporary permit implementation), concurrency management (adequate public facilities to support new development), and assistance with LDC-related enforcement.

Information on land use and zoning for Leon County can be found in the Leon County Land Development Code. The Tallahassee-Leon County 2030 Comprehensive Plan outlines the broader scope of current and future development, and is implemented by regulations incorporated into the Land Development Code.

Issued Permitted Use Verification Certificates (PUVs) and Residential Compliance Certificates (RCCs)

Did You Know?

  • DSEM offers free pre-submittal meetings for applicants interested in subdividing property or developing property with new or an expansion of existing non-residential uses. To schedule a pre-submittal meeting, a Permitted Use Verification shall be filed with DSEM and determined “eligible” or “conditional.” The issued PUV certificate, along with a sketch of the proposal, shall be filed no later than Wednesday by noon. Meetings requested by the Wednesday deadline will be placed on the next available pre-submittal meeting agenda, which is typically two weeks from the filing date.
  • A Residential Compliance Certificate can provide a prospective property owner with valuable lot-specific information including, but not limited to, eligibility for further permitting.

For more information not shown on this page, please contact our office at 850-606-1300 (option 3) and ask for the Service Advisor for Development Services.

Services Provided

Administrative review of a non-residential development consisting of less than 1,000 square feet of gross floor area, or a subdivision of a lot into two parcels.

  • Type “A” – Requires a minimum of one public meeting and approval of an application is granted by the Director of Development Services or designee.
  • Type “B” – Requires a minimum of two public meetings, Application Review Meeting (ARM) and Development Review Committee (DRC), with final approval by the DRC.
  • Type “C” – Requires a minimum of two public meetings, ARM and DRC. The DRC makes a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (Board) for consideration at a regularly scheduled public hearing. Must be submitted for FDPA review track.
  • Type “D” – In addition to a minimum of two public meetings, the ARM and DRC, a Type “D” also requires consistency review by the Planning Commission at a regularly scheduled public hearing as well as final consideration by the Board at a regularly scheduled public hearing. Type “D” is not eligible for the two-track review process. The County also offers opportunities to reduce the required level of review by implementing various innovative design techniques and sustainable development practices.

Please view the following documents for more information: 

There are specific Land Development Code exemptions which may allow property owners to divide, convey, or adjust property boundaries without meeting all the requirements of the site and development review regulations. Although these situations are not classified as a 'subdivision' by definition, the developer or land owner must comply with all other applicable land use ordinances.

Processing Requirements for Exempt Subdivisions:

  • Each request for an exemption subject to Leon County Code shall be originated with the Development Services Division, Department of Growth and Environmental Management.  A Permitted Use Verification (PUV) is required to determine eligibility for many of the exempt processes.  Contact Development Services for more information at 850-606-1300.
  • All questions on the application form must be completed. Proof of ownership or interest must be provided in the form of a recorded deed or other legal instrument of record. If you are not the legal owner, a written power of attorney must be submitted authorizing you to act as applicant on behalf of the legal property owner.

Subdivision of land located outside the Urban Service Area into not more than 10 lots.

Temporary activities that are not permanent and have short duration spans, such as seasonal sales (i.e. fireworks, fruit stands, etc.), construction staging (i.e. highway construction, etc.), and temporary events (i.e. concerts, fairs, etc.)

Coordination of applications submitted to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals for the review of requests for variance to code provisions or appeals of code interpretations. 

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