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Building Plans Review and Inspection

The mission of the Building Plan Review and Inspection Division is to ensure that built environments are safe, accessible and energy efficient through compliance with all applicable construction codes, plans review, inspections, the use of automated technologies and continuing staff development.  


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Building Plans Review and Inspection Division staff reviews and approves building plans and inspects construction projects for compliance using the most recently adopted Florida Building Codes. Staff also provides permit intake services for all Building Applications, along with fiscal services for the entire department. In addition, Intake staff also provides completeness checks for the electronic plan review and associated documents.

Please note to submit specific types of project permits ONLINE, you must be registered with the County’s Accela Citizen’s Access portal and be a registered contractor. The ONLINE permitting process does not allow projects to be submitted when the project requires any type of plan(s) or projects that are outside of the specific types of projects listed within the ONLINE Applications.

Electronic Plan Review is provided through the Electronic Application Submittal Process using ProjectDox software. To access this service, click on the Electronic Plan Review blue bubble. Once the application has been processed an email will be provided to upload the rest of the required project information. Depending on the type of project, all required information must be submitted, including the application, project plans, and essential documents to achieve a complete submittal. Without a complete submittal, the project cannot begin the processing of the project.

Did you know building inspections for certain types of construction projects such as new construction, repairs, alterations and additions to residential buildings can be scheduled for after hours and on Saturdays, for a fee of $82.24/hr (minimum 2 hours)?  To take advantage of this service, call 850-606-1398 to schedule your after-hours or Saturday inspection.      

In order to recognize the sacrifices made by those who have served in the military, the Board of County Commissioners has adopted a Resolution to waive all building, development services, and environmental permit review fees for honorably discharged veterans with 100% service connected disability, or to surviving spouses of military personnel killed in action. Please call (850) 606-1300 and ask for the Building Plans Review Service Advisor for more information.

Solar permit applications may also be submitted through the Electronic Application Submittal Process using ProjectDox software. This service is available to all licensed solar, electrical, plumbing and pool contractors. For an overview of solar permitting requirements, please click here. Leon County offers a three-business day turnaround time for small rooftop solar PV permits. Solar permit submissions must be complete and must include all necessary information provided in the solar checklist to achieve the three-business day turnaround time.

If you are a registered contractor and have a solar master permit file recorded in our office, you may apply online and potentially receive your permit within minutes.  If you have not registered for this time saving service, please contact our office at 606-1300 for information on how to register for Accela Citizen's Access.

*  Permit submissions must be complete and must include all necessary information provided in the solar checklist.

Division Objectives  

  • Review of building construction plans prior to issuance of permits to ensure structures are designed in accordance with applicable codes.
  • Ensure structures are constructed in accordance with approved plans and applicable codes through onsite inspections.
  • Provide staff support to the Contractors Licensing Board to ensure contractors’ performance complies with State and local requirements.
  • Review new construction products, methods, and materials prior to use in Leon County.
  • Provide staff support to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals and the Code Enforcement Board.
  • Provide assistance to the Florida Association of Counties, Florida League of Cities, and the Building Officials Association of Florida during the Legislative Session and related Committee meetings regarding local impacts of proposed construction legislation.

Did you know?


  • Building Plan Review and Inspectors Department has contracted with a 3-party plan review firm to help with the backlog of plan review projects.
  • Building Inspection staff have been working well past 6:30 pm most each night to complete their inspections
  • Building Inspection staff have been working late most nights and weekends to complete their inspections

For more information not shown on this page, please contact our office at 850-606-1300 and ask for the Service Advisor for Building Plans Review and Inspection.

Services Provided


Permit Intake/Processing

Building permit applications can be accessed online and completed electronically, but homeowners will need to wait to sign their permit application until submitted in person so a Permit Technician can notarize the signature.  Applications can also be completed in person at our offices at 435 North Macomb Street, Renaissance Center 2nd Floor, Tallahassee, Florida.  
Licensed contractors who have registered for the County's Permit Portal may submit building applications online for the following types of projects:
  • Electrical Service Change Outs
  • Mechanical System Change Outs 
  • Plumbing Fixture Replacement
  • Gas Fixture Replacement Only (No generators or new gas fixture Installations).
  • Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Shingle Roof Replacement
  • Vinyl Siding Installations
  • Solar Panel Installations
  • Window/Door Replacement

Plan Review

A Building Plan Reviewer is available daily to assist in person or on the phone with questions you may have regarding your building project.  

Electronic Recording

For your convenience, documents that require recording at the Clerk of the Courts Office can be completed at our offices and recorded electronically.  This option is available for a minimal fee and usually can be completed in the same day.  


To schedule an inspection, please call 850-606-1306 during regular business hours and follow the prompts (have your LB# ready).  Inspections called in will be scheduled and completed the following day.  For your convenience, after hours and Saturday inspections are also available for a fee of $82.24/hr (minimum 2 hours).  To schedule an after hours or Saturday inspection, please call 850-606-1398 (have your LB# ready).   

This tool is intended to be used for estimation of building permit fees only and does not include other associated fees, such as Development Services, Environmental Management, and State fees.  Exact fees will be calculated at the time of permitting.

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