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Library Mission and Plans

Library Mission

To be an essential resource and place for learning, engagement and innovation that provides for our community's changing needs.

Learn. Engage. Innovate.

Essential Libraries Initiative

The Essential Libraries Initiative is a long-range strategic plan that re-envisions the Library to address the changing needs of residents and trends in library use.

Printable Essential Libraries Initiative

Approved by the Board of County Commissioners
June 8, 2021

Annual Plan for Library Service, Fiscal Year 2024

The Annual Plan for Library Service sets yearly goals to assist the Library in meeting the long-range strategic plan.

Printable 2024 Annual Plan

Approved by the Board of County Commissioners
September 2023

Goal 1: Literacy and Lifelong Learning

To serve as a resource in developing the skills needed to be successful socially, intellectually, financially, and technologically at any age by promoting traditional and non-traditional forms of literacy.

Strategies and Actions

  1. Champion adult and youth literacy as the foundation for learning and discovery.
    1. Increase accessibility of library resources to vulnerable populations through library card outreach programs.
    2. Host literacy programs and events that support the library’s collection and resources to encourage youth and adults to access and use the library’s materials.
  2. Provide technology training for all ages to contribute to a digitally literate community.
    1. Provide free basic and intermediate digital literacy programs.
    2. Provide access to and promote the library’s digital and technology resources.
  3. Support lifelong education for seniors and retirees with programs that entertain, educate, and provide connections to community resources.
    1. Develop and present programs addressing the interests and emotional, social, mental, medical, and financial well-being of seniors and their caregivers.
  4. Support K-12 students in developing core academic and learning success skills: literacy, problem solving, creativity and innovation, teamwork and collaboration, and communication.
    1. Continue to offer one-on-one tutoring and homework help via the Homework Hub program.
    2. Create and/or host programs that focus on developing a wide variety of learning success skills.

Goal 2: Business and Workforce Development

To support a strong local economy by acting as a resource for businesses and individuals seeking professional development.

Strategies and Actions

  1. Provide programs that develop skillsets needed to build a thriving workforce.
    1. Provide programs and activities with local partners to introduce youth of all ages to a variety of career fields and help them develop leadership skills to ready them for the workforce.
    2. Host workshops on job seeking strategies, career coaching and related topics.
  2. Offer resources for job seekers and to those transitioning to new careers.
    1. Evaluate and maintain an up-to-date collection of business-related materials.

Goal 3: Civic and Community Engagement

To serve as a vibrant, active hub of civic discourse and participative democracy, building relationships and bridging gaps in all segments of the community.

Strategies and Actions

  1. Provide opportunities to engage in civil discourse around topics that impact Leon County and are of interest to the community.
    1. Provide resources on relevant civic and community-based topics and issues that impact Leon County residents.
    2. Develop programs, host facilitated discussions and provide spaces that encourage community members to engage with one another.
  2. Collaborate with local colleges and universities to maximize outcomes in areas of mutual interest.
    1. Use subject matter experts at local colleges and universities to enhance program content.
  3. Act as a resource and partner to local nonprofit service providers in addressing community issues.
    1. Develop collaborative food programming with the Leon County Office of Sustainability and other local partners to offer programs that promote food security and nutritional health.
    2. Partner with community-based care organizations to provide access to resources that help meet community needs.

Goal 4: Arts and Humanities

To support residents in their creative, intellectual, and recreational pursuits and foster cultural enrichment.

Strategies and Actions

  1. Offer a diverse physical and digital collection that supports the needs and interests of the community.
    1. Using Baker & Taylor’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) reports, staff will analyze the library’s collection to ensure that the library's collection reflects the community.
    2. Obtain grant funding to continue to grow and maintain the Library of Things, ebooks, and/or printed materials collections.
  2. Offer timely and relevant cultural events and classes that showcase all members of the community.
    1. Celebrate cultural heritage months and other annual observations with relevant programs, displays, and materials.
    2. Participate in community-wide cultural events through outreach efforts.
  3. Support creativity through the Library’s collection, collaborative spaces, events, and classes.
    1. Maintain and promote the library’s display spaces by partnering with local artists, archives, colleges of arts and community organizations.
    2. Host programs that engage community members in creative and recreational pursuits.

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