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Building Plans Review and Inspection - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of jobs can be completed without a building permit?
  • Can I apply for a building permit online?
    There are certain permit types, normally simple projects that do not require review and only one inspection, that can be applied for online.  However, only properly Florida licensed contractors that have registered with the County's permit portal can apply for an online permit.  For information on registering to apply for building permits online, please call the Licensing Service Advisor at 606-1300.
  • How long does it take to get a building permit?
    That depends on the type of permit.  Leon County has an online permitting process available to Florida licensed contractors that have registered with the County's permit portal for simple projects that require no review which can be issued in approximately one hour.  All other building permit applications will take longer to allow for review by all applicable Development Support and Environmental Management Divisions, and may also be delayed if the building application packet is lacking required documentation or if a review finds additional or corrected documentation is required from the applicant.  The following is the current, typical approval times for the listed projects:
                            New Single-family Home                   8 days
                            Manufactured Home                           3 days
                            Accessory Structures                         15 days
                            Commercial Projects                         20 days
                            Other Types of Projects                       5 days  
  • I want to build a new home.  How much would a building permit cost?
    The cost of the permit is based on the size of the new home in square feet under the roof.  A calculator is provided on the Leon County Building Plans Review and Inspection page that can be utilized to calculate the estimated permit cost for your project.
  • Can I do my own home repair work or do I have to use a registered contractor?
    A homeonwer who lives in the subject home can obtain all permits for repair of their home.  For a detailed list of required documentation for a homeowner to submit a building permit, please contact the permit processing staff at 606-1300.
  • Do I need a permit to install a whole-house generator?
    Yes, this requires two permits:  an electrical permit for the generator and a gas permit for the fuel (natural gas or propane) to oeprate the generator.
  • Do I need a building permit to put a shed on my property?
    Sheds over 100 square feet require a building permit, with the exception of temporary buildings or sheds used exclusively for construction purposes as outlined in the Florida Building Code Section 102.2(d).  It should be noted that all sheds, regardless of size, require review by the Development Services and Environmental Services Divisions for location site, setbacks from boundary lines, easements, floodplain and other similar elements.


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