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Canopy Road Documents

A canopy road

Inter-Local Agreement

Canopy Road Citizens Committee Bylaws

Leon County Code of Ordinances Pertaining to Canopy Roads

The codes can be found at - Leon County Code of Laws, Chapter 10. Below are the section listings to all items pertaining to Canopy Roads. The Municode site will open in a new window. Please refer to the table of contents below when looking for a particular piece of information, and then look at that section in the Municode window.

  • Sec. 10-1.101. Definitions.
  • Sec. 10-4.104. Objectives.
  • Sec. 10-4.206. Vegetation removal.
  • Sec. 10-4.328. Best management practices for conservation and preservation areas.
  • Sec. 10-4.384. Best management practices for conservation and preservation areas.
  • Sec. 10-4.362. Protected trees.
  • Sec. 10-4.363. Tree protection requirements.
  • Sec. 10-4.206. Tree removal application requirements.
  • Sec. 10-4.202. Pre-development and environmental analysis reviews.
  • Sec. 10-6.619. Commercial site location standards.
  • Sec. 10-6.704. Conservation areas.
  • Sec. 10-6.703 and 10-6.707. Canopy road overlay district.
  • Sec. 10-6.702. Generally. (Special Regulatory Provisions)
  • Sec. 10-6.703. Canopy roads overlay district.
  • Sec. 10-7.202. Revised 2.1.9. family heir subdivision standards
  • Sec. 10-7.406. Type D review.
  • Sec. 10-7.407. Site and development plan review criteria.
  • Sec. 10-7.502. General layout design standards.
  • Sec. 10-9.106. Signs on canopy roads.

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