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Canopy Roads Management Schedule

A canopy road

This is the tentative canopy road maintenance schedule. This schedule may change unexpectedly or work may be delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances. On some occasions there may be unscheduled maintenance based upon immediate need.

Maintenance pruning and high risk tree removal

Where: All Canopy Roads

In early October Asplundh Tree Experts will begin programmed maintenance along each of the canopy roads. They will be under direct supervision of the County's Canopy Road Coordinator. All trees to be removed will be inspected and evaluated by the coordinator. Other trees will receive pruning to elevate to the proper clearance, or to remove dead and damaged limbs. The pruning will begin on Old St. Augustine Road. One lane may will be closed at times. In November and December Centerville Road and Miccosukee Road will be worked on. Trees marked for removal will be numbered and have an orange dot and an orange flag on them. Trees being pruned will have an orange flag only. Information about trees marked for removal is available at Leon County Operations at 606-1400.

Poor site distance

Where: Miccosukee and Miles Johnson Rd

Poor site distance looking east has been a problem for years with large oaks blocking the view. This project will move Miccosukee Road about 5 feet to the north allowing cars to be in front of the trees before entering the roadway. Some earth removal will be required on the north side and trees in that area are currently being mulched and fertilized to mitigate the small amount of root loss expected. The beauty and character of the intersection will be preserved, while vastly improving the safety.

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