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Transportation Maintenance

This program is responsible for providing for the safety, comfort and convenience of the public by creating, maintaining and managing infrastructure and programs supporting transportation, roadside beautification and stormwater maintenance. This is accomplished through cost effective, environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing products and services.

image of sign shop  image of road crew

Key Service Functions:

The Transportation Maintenance Program is responsible for 606 miles of County roads. The program is dedicated to the creation, maintenance, management and preservation of functional, safe and effective transportation systems for the citizens of Leon County and its visitors.  

These responsibilities include:

  • major asphalt repairs

  • pothole patching

  • grading, sign installation and maintenance of private roads

  • stabilization and ditch maintenance

  • street sign fabrication, installation and repair

  • supervision of contract services

  • performance of traffic studies

  • respond to citizen service requests