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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a building permit?

Residents may apply for a building permit through the Tallahassee-Leon County permits portal.

What type of construction can be done by a homeowner?

Residential projects with a cost of $25,000 or less can be done by a homeowner. A homeowner is allowed to perform all construction activities related to the project (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc.) but must complete and submit an Owner/Builder Exemption Disclosure form.

How can I file a code complaint?

Complaints may be filed with the Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management in person, by mail, or by phone during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Also, complaints can be submitted via Citizens Connect. Simply follow these three easy steps to register a complaint:

  • Clearly identify the specific type of complaint or nuisance (ex.: trash/debris, junk vehicles, etc.).
  • Include your name and phone number. This will be part of the public record. Anonymous complaints are not accepted.
  • Know the address and/or the owner of the property you are reporting. If the address is unknown, specific details of the location of the property is required.
  • Complete the Code Complaint form.
Where can I report a junk or litter problem in my neighborhood?

Report the problem to the Leon County Department of Development Support and Environmental Management Code Compliance Service Advisor at 850-606-1300.

How can I get a street sign repaired in my neighborhood?

Contact Leon County Public Works at 850-606-1400 or put in a request online using Citizens Connect.

How can I get a hazardous tree removed?

If you spot a potentially hazardous tree obstructing visibility at an intersection or driveway, contact Leon County Public Works at 850-606-1400 or put in a request online using Citizens Connect.

Who should I contact regarding drainage and traffic safety issues in my neighborhood?

Contact Leon County Engineering Services for questions and possible solutions to address these issues at 850-606-1500.

How can I get speed bumps installed in my neighborhood?

For information about the County’s Traffic Calming Program, contact Engineering Services at 850-606-1500.

Where can I find information on road closures near me?

Information on current and upcoming road closures, including location, time, recommended detour routes, and information on how to request a road closure can be found on our Road Closures webpage.

Can I request more street lights for my neighborhood?

The County currently installs street lights in both the unincorporated area and inside the urban services area of the County at signalized intersections based on high nighttime crashes and pedestrian activities. Intersections and road segments inside subdivisions are not eligible for this program. Contact Public Works at 850-606-1500 for additional information on the Street Lighting Program. To learn more about outdoor lighting options for your neighborhood, contact your utility provider Talquin Electric or City of Tallahassee Utilities.

Is my neighborhood eligible to participate in the County's Sidewalk Program?

The County approved a Sidewalk Eligibility and Criteria for Implementation Policy in 2015, which provided for the priority of sidewalk projects for Safe Routes to Schools and Community Sidewalk Enhancements. To find out if sidewalks are planned for your neighborhood or to request an evaluation for your street to be added to the list, contact Leon County Public Works at 850-606-1500.

What is the 2/3 Program for Infrastructure Improvements and how can my neighborhood participate?

The 2/3 Program provides a mechanism whereby the County, working in conjunction with local neighborhoods, can assist property owners residing on private roads and in private neighborhoods with the design, construction, and financing of infrastructure improvements, such as roads and stormwater drainage facilities. In doing this, the County fronts the costs associated with the improvements and allows residents to repay the County over time through special assessments placed on their property tax bill.

To qualify for the 2/3 Program, a minimum of 2/3 of the affected owners must sign a petition agreeing to the improvements and 100% of the right-of-way needed for an improvement must be donated. To learn more about the 2/3 Program, contact the County’s Real Estate Division at 850-606-5100 or Engineering Services at 850-606-1500.

What can I do about an aggressive dog in my neighborhood?

Contact Leon County Animal Control at 850-606-5400, and an Animal Control Officer will respond. If the owner is receptive to more carefully controlling the animal, the problem may be resolved immediately. State law and local ordinance provide for a process of classifying animals as aggressive or dangerous if their behavior, as defined in law, presents a physical threat to humans and domestic animals. Complete and submit the Dangerous Animal Petition Form and return it to Leon County Animal Control. Petitions must be completed and notarized before submission. An investigation will be conducted into the allegations.

What should I do if I find a dead animal in the road?

Leon County Public Works removes dead animals along County maintained rights-of-way. Contact us at 850-606-1400 or put in a request online using Citizens Connect.

How can I participate in the County's free mulch program?

Leon County provides free mulch to Leon County and City of Tallahassee residents. Both coarse and fine mulches are available at the Solid Waste Facility at 7550 Apalachee Pkwy. Coarse mulch is also available at the County's three Rural Waste Service Centers. You have to pick up the mulch. Delivery is not available. It is recommended to call ahead to 850-606-1800 to check on mulch availability.

Can I really receive free paint from the County?

The ReNew Paint Program recycles used paint by mixing "like" colors and gives it back to the community in five-gallon buckets for free. Paint is given away on a first-come  basis on Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. in front of the Household Hazardous Waste building located at 7550 Apalachee Pkwy.

How should I dispose of unused household products?

The Hazardous Waste Center is your one-stop location for household hazardous waste and electronics disposal. Its services are free for all Leon County households.

How can I participate in the County's Fire Hydrant Cost Sharing Program?

Leon County has modified its Fire Hydrant Policy to establish a cost-sharing program with neighborhoods to install new fire hydrants in unincorporated Leon County. For more information, contact Public Works at 850-606-1500.

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