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Septic Upgrade Incentive Program

The Wakulla Springs Priority Focus Area (PFA) will benefit from the proposed septic system conversions to advanced treatment systems. Leon County has been awarded $2.22 million in grant funding from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the Leon County Septic Upgrade Incentive Program. The Program offers a one-time reimbursement incentive payment of up to $7,500 per septic system, to eligible recipients within the Wakulla Springs PFA to voluntarily upgrade or replace an existing conventional septic system with an advanced nitrogen-reducing system or components utilizing an FDEP approved nitrogen-reducing technology for Springs protection. Through the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program, Homeowners will directly contract with a registered septic installer or licensed plumber to complete the work.

Reimbursable costs (up to $7,500) include a registered septic installer or a licensed plumber’s installation costs to upgrade or replace a Homeowner’s conventional septic system to advanced nitrogen-reducing components or system. The installation costs include all Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal System Permit fees required by Florida Department of Health, Leon County Environmental Health.

What is this going to cost me?

Property owners will be responsible for the following expenses:

  • OSTDS Permit Application including conducting a site evaluation and pump-out of the existing septic system
  • Installation costs in excess of $7,500 (this amount is unknown until the site evaluation has been conducted)

When does this Program end?

The Septic Upgrade Incentive Program is available until all grant funding is thoroughly exhausted.

To check if your address is eligible for the grant-funded project, visit: Eligibilty Map

More information is provided in the Program Information: Program Information Packet

Fill out and return the Program Application to “Connect to Protect”: Program Application

For the septic to sewer/septic system upgrade projects, Leon County residents can submit notarized application forms by e-mail to Felton Ard ( to ensure they receive the planned upgrade.

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