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Visit the Canopy Roads

Here you will find information about the canopy roads within Leon County, we hope you visit the different canopy road pages listed below and enjoy the photos and history of each road. You can download a map of each road and  enjoy a scenic ride and take in all the breath taking views. 

Images of Leon County's Canopy Roads
Old Bainbridge Road

Centerville Road/Moccasin Gap Road

Meridian Road

Miccosukee Road 

Old Centerville Road

Old Bainbridge Road 

Old St. Augustine Road 

Sunny Hill Road 

Pisgah Church Road 

The canopy roads that we experience as we drive through town are now protected by law.  They came into existence from the old Indian trails which then became market roads that plantation owners lined with live oaks.  Now their branches meet above the roads in a dense over story of growth dripping Spanish moss. Light filters down thought them by day and then becoming mysterious tunnels of darkness on moonless nights.  These are a few of the road locations and some about there existence if anybody is interested in traveling down them.

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