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Canopy Road Regulations

The codes can be found at Leon County Code of Laws, Chapter 10. Below are the section listings to all items pertaining to Canopy Roads. The Municode site will open in a new window. Please refer to the table of contents below when looking for a particular piece of information, and then look at that section in the Municode window.

We have in the past linked to each section. However, due to continuous updates at Municode, we can no longer link to each section independently."


Sec. 10-1.101. Definitions.

Sec. 10-4.104. Objectives.

Sec. 10-4.206. Vegetation removal.

Sec. 10-4.328. Best management practices for conservation and preservation areas.

Sec. 10-4.384. Best management practices for conservation and preservation areas.

Sec. 10-4.362. Protected trees.

Sec. 10-4.363. Tree protection requirements.

Sec. 10-4.206. Tree removal application requirements.

Sec. 10-4.202. Pre-development and environmental analysis reviews.

Sec. 10-6.619. Commercial site location standards.

Sec. 10-6.704. Conservation areas.

Sec. 10-6.703 and 10-6.707. Canopy road overlay district.

Sec. 10-6.702. Generally. (Special Regulatory Provisions)

Sec. 10-6.703. Canopy roads overlay district.

Sec. 10-7.202. Revised 2.1.9. family heir subdivision standards

Sec. 10-7.406. Type D review.

Sec. 10-7.407. Site and development plan review criteria.

Sec. 10-7.502. General layout design standards.

Sec. 10-9.106. Signs on canopy roads.

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