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Tipping Fees

Image of scale house at main landfield

Yard Debris (leaves and limbs)

$39 per ton*

Electronics (Commercial)

Fees subject to item type.

Tires (up to 4 tires from residents)



(DEP & Leon County permits required for commercial haulers)

$160 per ton*

Commercial Hazardous Waste (CESQG only)

Acceptance and fees subject to material

Household Hazardous Waste

Free at Drive-Through

*The minimum charge is $2.00 per load.  Example: Yard debris up to 102 lbs will cost the minimum $2.00. All loads under a ton will be pro-rated. Example: Yard debris weighing 250 lbs. will cost approximately $4.87.

Acceptable methods for payment Cash / Check / Visa / MC / Discover/ AMEX

Contact Cassie Griffith at or 850-606-1800

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