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Risk Management

Shelley Cason

Shelley Cason,
Risk Manager
Risk Management

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301 S Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL 32301


To serve and empower Leon County employees by increased safety awareness to best serve the community.


Leon County Risk Management leads, promotes, and advocates a culture of safety by serving as a hub of information, education, resources, and support.

Standards: Safety, Practices, Training, Risk Reduction, Innovation, Value-Added, Engagement, Support

Functional Responsibilities

  • Plans, evaluates and identifies insurable risks and loss potential and reviews current insurance trends and legislation to modify risk coverage.
  • Prepares, negotiates and coordinates all the County’s insurance programs.
  • Directly administers all insurance programs with the exception of employee health coverage
  • Coordinates, participates in all investigations, accidents and injuries that involves County employees on County maintained, or owned facilities and\or properties.
  • Maintains, processes and records all insurance or damage claims filed against the County and liaisons with the appropriate insurance carriers.
  • Administers, coordinates and records all Federally mandated County employee Drug and Alcohol Testing program.
  • Audits all automobile, general liability and workers’ compensation payments made by the County’s Third Party Administrator (TPA) on behalf of the County.
  • Reviews all reported workers’ compensation injuries, near accidents and\or misses, over utilization, abuses and the circumstances surrounding the very claim and will periodically visit the employee to ascertain the status of the employee.
  • The Risk Manager is on call twenty-four hours a day to immediately investigate accidents involving serious injury and/or death occurring on County property or when County employees are involved.
  • Develops and maintains a driver training program for all employees who use County vehicles to carry out their assigned daily responsibilities.

2023 Florida Municipal Insurance Trust Partnership Risk & Safety Award Winner

2023 FMIT Partnership Award Leon County X fka Twitter

Leon County is honored to be one of three recipients of the 2023 FMIT Partnership Insurance Leader Award by the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT), administered by the Florida League of Cities (FLC). This prestigious honor recognizes outstanding insurance processes, risk management efforts and other proactive measures that improve the quality of life in their community and working environment. This award is a testament to the County’s proactive approach to safety, demonstrating a commitment to identifying and mitigating potential risks before they escalate into accidents.

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