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Meet Our Staff


  • Leigh Davis, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Sherry Carpenter, Parks & Community Centers Superintendent
  • Tere Wojdan, Parks Superintendent
  • Bruce Huffmaster, Greenways & Environmental Lands Supervisor
  • T. Scott Allison, In-Mate Supervisor (Greenways)
  • Anire Asifor-Tuoyo, Community Center Attendant
  • William Birch, Park Attendant
  • Travis Brown, Park Attendant
  • Alonzo Brown Sr., Park Attendant
  • Nathaniel Campbell, Park Attendant (Greenways)
  • Richard Fagan, Park Facilities Technician
  • Daniel Ferrell, Park Attendant
  • Ronald Ferris, Park Attendant
  • Beau Fortune, Crew Chief (Community Centers)
  • Randy Franklin, Park Attendant (Greenways)
  • Trudy Gates, Park Attendant (J. Lee Vause)
  • Christopher Gerry, Park Attendant (Greenways)
  • Hunter Handley, Park Attendant
  • Carlton Haney, Park Facilities Technician
  • Cletus Hasty, In-Mate Supervisor (Greenways)
  • Jesse Houston, Crew Chief II (Greenways)
  • Douglas Hughes, Park Attendant (Greenways)
  • Joseph Jackson, Park Attendant
  • Caitlin Jones, Park Attendant
  • Richard Lucero, Park Attendant (Campgrounds)
  • Jay Mock, Crew Chief II
  • Rickey Morrow, Community Center Attendant
  • Glenn Saffo, Park Attendant
  • Mark Savage, Park Attendant II
  • Richard Spears, Park Attendant
  • Rodney Young, Community Center Attendant

  • Leon County Division of Parks and Recreation

    Director: Leigh Davis

    1907 South Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32301
    (850) 606-1470
    (850) 606-1471 (fax)