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Leon County Dog Park FAQs

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Leon County Dog Park Locations

Bradfordville Dog Park (6808 Beech Ridge Trail) is the biggest dog park in the County, providing 13 acres of play for both small and large dogs alike. #BradfordvilleBarkPark

J. Lee Vause Dog Park (6024 Old Bainbridge Road) is a 1.5-acre park with space for both small and big dogs. Amenities for furry friends and their humans include a drinking fountain with a dog water bowl attachment, a log tunnel, jumping hoops and benches. #VauseBarkPark

Frequently Asked Questions about Leon County Dog Parks

What Hours are the dog parks open?

Like all Leon County Parks, the dog park is open from dawn to dusk.

Who do I call for wildlife issues?

Wildlife concerns should be directed to the Consolidated Dispatch Agency’s non-emergency number 850-606-5800. The call will be routed to the appropriate party from there.

What if I have a problem with another dog?

Call Leon County Animal Control at 606-5400.

Is the water at the Bradfordville Dog Park safe? Has it been tested?

The pond at Bradfordville Dog Park is a Leon County Stormwater Facility. By intent, stormwater ponds are man-made structures that capture stormwater runoff, protecting the environment. They are designed to filter and clean waters before they reach natural waterbodies. As such, it is not the practice to test stormwater facilities for algae blooms or other elements. The trees and plantings, as well as the “no mow zone” area along the ponds’ edge, further provide a treatment buffer, improve erosion control, provide a wildlife habitat, and are there to guide people and pets to stay out of the pond. If your dog does frolic in the water, we encourage you to rinse your dog off afterwards.

Should I worry about gators and snakes in the pond?

As in all natural settings, users should be attuned to the possibility of the presence of wildlife.

Where can I park if the Bradfordville community center lot is full?

Given the huge popularity of the dog park, the County completed overflow parking that added seven additional parking spaces. Leon County Parks & Recreation will continue to monitor the parking situation and seek additional solutions if necessary.

Where are the exits/entrances located at Bradfordville Dog Park?

There are two entrances/exits to the park. One entrance is located beside the community center parking lot at 6808 Beech Ridge Trail (vehicle and foot traffic), and the other entrance is located off Kinhega Dr. on the north-eastern side of the property (foot traffic only).

Who do I go to if I have more questions?

For additional questions, contact Leon County Parks and Recreation at 850-606-1470.

What other dog parks does Leon County plan to open?

The County opened their second dog park, J. Lee Vause Park (6024 Old Bainbridge Rd.) in February of 2020. The County is working toward opening dog parks at Robinson Road Park and Apalachee Regional Park.

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