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Leon County Parks and Rec Reservation Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement describes how information is collected and used from visitors to the Leon County, FL, Parks & Rec Reservation Web site.  This Privacy Statement may not apply to links provided to other sites and the privacy statements from those sites would need to be referenced.  As this statement may change without notification, the user is encouraged to review this page frequently.  

By using the services provided by the Leon County, FL, Parks & Rec Reservation Web site, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Leon County and anyone involved in storing, retrieving, or displaying this information for any damages of any type that may be caused by retrieving this information over the Internet.
Information Collected and how it is used  
For online government transactions conducted on the Leon County, FL, Parks & Rec Reservation Web site, the user will be asked to enter certain information about themselves and/or the organization with which they are affiliated. In each case, the information requested will include the same information that would be requested if the user performed the identical transaction in person rather than online. Whenever personal information is requested from the user on this site, there will be an indication of whether the disclosure of such information is mandatory or optional.

Information collected in the course of the transaction is used for the following purposes:
1.    To make a reservation with one of Leon County Parks & Rec Community Centers.
2.    To send the user an e-mail confirming their transaction.

The Personally Identifiable Information Leon County collects when the user uses Leon County, FL, Parks & Rec Reservation Web site may include:
1.    Name of person, organization, or group making the reservation.
2.    Person responsible for event/activity.
3.    Mailing address.
4.    Phone number(s).
5.    E-mail address.
6.    Reservation center, date, and time.
7.    Expected number of guests.
8.    Nature of event/activity.

Online Payments and Public Records
A third-party payment vendor responsible for processing credit card payments will securely process credit card information. Using this site in effect authorizes the third-party payment vendor to obtain personal data in order to process the credit payment. This third-party payment vendor will be required to protect the security of the user’s information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information input.

In accordance with Florida Statutes, Section 119.071(5) (b), Leon County is exempt from public records disclosure of all bank account numbers, and debit, charge, and credit card numbers which may be held by the Leon County, FL, Parks & Rec Reservation Web site’s third party vendor.  However, it is noted that no cred card information is stored on Leon County file servers regarding the online reservations service.

Note that all other information (non credit card data) provided through on-line means becomes a public record and is subject to the same access requirements as if submitted on paper.
Contact Information
If their are any questions or concerns about Leon County, FL, Parks & Rec Reservation Web site use of the personal information provided or about this Privacy Statement, please send an e-mail to and note “Privacy” in the subject line.