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Leon County EMS
CPR Training Home Edition!

As we work towards a time when we can conduct CPR events safely in person, we want to share with you our Leon County EMS CPR Training Home Edition. The community plays a crucial role in improving survival from cardiac arrest when a person’s heart stops beating. When bystanders immediately start CPR, that person has a much greater chance of survival compared to when no bystander CPR is performed. Helping someone suffering from cardiac arrest can be safely performed by using some simple techniques developed and approved by the American Heart Association. Hands-Only CPR FAQ

Learn to protect the one you love with our video-based, self-instructional take home CPR Anytime kit. The kit includes a DVD video and manikin for practicing CPR techniques and is endorsed by the American Heart Association.

Registration for the kit is below and you may pick your kit up at your local Leon County library branch.

These kits are for you to keep and you are then encouraged to train your family. After a few weeks with the kit, we will be checking back to see who you’ve trained. This is not a certification course.

Providing lifesaving CPR requires extra considerations in these challenging times during COVID-19. The American Heart Association recommends a bystander who attempts to rescue a cardiac arrest victim should wear a face mask over his/her mouth and nose and place a face mask over the mouth and nose of the patient to perform Hands-Only CPR.

Thank you for working together to ensure our community has the best possible chance of surviving cardiac arrest!

For questions, contact Major Sally Davis at or call (850)-606-2100.