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Leon County Animal control is NOT permitted through Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to pick up, remove or relocate wildlife.  We will respond to issues arising from domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, etc...

General Wildlife Concerns
Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is responsible for general wildlife issues.

  • General Wildlife – (850) 245-7716
  • Bears – (850) 265-3676

Injured Wildlife
Saint Francis Wildlife Association is a local wildlife rehabilitator permitted through Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to handle and treat local wildlife, including some endangered species. Most wildlife whether injured, orphaned or sick can be cared for by St Francis.

  • St. Francis - (850) 627-4151

Nuisance Wildlife
Nuisance wildlife calls are generally referred to local wildlife removal companies who have been permitted by Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to trap, pick up and relocate certain types of wildlife.

Rabies Concerns
Raccoons, foxes, bats, bobcats and skunks are all wildlife that can also carry Rabies. If a person or their pet has come in contact with a rabies vector the incident should be reported to the Leon County Health Department. (If the animal is still alive and is aggressive and harassing people or pets Leon County Animal Control may respond to remove the wild animal.)

  • Leon County Health Department – (850) 895-8360

Feeding Wildlife
Feeding wild animals is a case of misplaced compassion because it is doing more harm than good. Wildlife may lose their fear of humans and pets, leading to unfortunate encounters. Supplemental feeding also encourages wildlife to become dependent to handouts that are not part of their natural diets, which may lead to health problems.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission does not allow people to feed bears, foxes, raccoons and sandhill cranes. Under Florida Administrative Code 68A (4.001) it is illegal to feed these types of animals, along with alligators and manatees. Those violating the law face penalties up to 60 days in jail and fines up to $500.

  • Florida Fish & Wildlife – (850) 245-7716