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Animal Control: General Services

  • Rabies control and bite investigations in the City and County.
  • Resolution of routine nuisance animal complaints. Nuisance Animal Information.
  • Patrols for stray, nuisance or dangerous animals.
  • Educational efforts to inform and encourage owners to provide humane care and control for their pets.
  • Investigations of allegations of neglect and/or cruelty to animals, and the rescue of animals in immediate distress, including preparation and presentation of animal custody cases before the court.
  • Investigation of Dangerous Animal Petitions submitted by the public to the County. ( Petition for Classification of a Dangerous Animal  )
  • Conduct Sufficient Cause Hearings and Dangerous Animal Classification Hearings for animals petitioned against by citizens of the County. Current classified animals:  Classified Dangerous Animals
  • Coordination of responses to livestock calls with the Sheriff's Department.
  • Humane live trapping of nuisance domestic animals. Trap Request and Agreement Form
  • Assistance to law enforcement and other agencies regarding animal-related issues.
  • Impoundment, and temporary housing and care, of animals in violation of animal care and control laws which are found by Officers or turned in by citizens.
  • Extra patrols of problem areas, school bus stops, playgrounds, schools, and other public areas for uncontrolled animals.
  • Enforcement of local and state laws related to animal care and control through warnings, education, and citations.
  • Represent the County in court on animal-related matters.
  • Transportation of animals to safe shelter for owners fleeing domestic violence.
  • Transport of animals impounded when their owners are arrested or are involved in vehicle accidents or other crisis situations.
  • Coordination and administration of the County's Animal Disaster Relief Plan, including the rescue and care of animals involved in man-made and natural disasters.