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Tell Us About Your Neighborhood Association 

Whether you are updating an existing neighborhood association or looking to establish a new one, Leon County would like to hear from you! The information that you provide is strictly voluntary, and allows the County to not only keep track but also identify neighborhoods that may be affected by proposed or ongoing projects, programs, and services. The information you provide about your neighborhood allows Leon County to continue to strive towards meeting the needs of its residents.



Don’t know if you live inside the City of Tallahassee Limits? Click here to search your property for information including location, zoning and land use, flooding information, and more.

Residents living inside City of Tallahassee limits can register or update their association through the City of Tallahassee by clicking here.

Fill out the below form if your neighborhood association or prospective neighborhood association is located in Leon County (outside the City of Tallahassee).