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Learn How to Start and Sustain a Neighborhood Association

The Tallahassee-Leon County Council of Neighborhood Associations, known as CONA, functions as the community’s best provider of professional development and relationship building for neighborhood and homeowner associations. CONA believes that neighborhoods are essential in maintaining a strong and vibrant community and serve as the connectors between City and County Government and local businesses. 

Neighbors and neighborhoods play an important role in preserving our local communities. Neighborhood and homeowners associations are encouraged to affiliate with the Tallahassee-Leon County Council of Neighborhood Associations to access both resources and neighborhood support. For more information, including news and events, visit CONA’s Facebook page or their website


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 In continuing its commitment to providing citizens the tools they need to create new opportunities in their communities, Leon County has compiled a list of additional resources to help those looking to learn more about neighborhood associations and enhance involvement in their neighborhood.

“Guide for Starting a Successful Neighborhood Association”  
This guide prepared by the City of Fayetteville, AR, functions as a neighborhood association toolbox that can assist you in starting your new neighborhood association. It includes suggested neighborhood projects, communication plans for group effectiveness, how to get involved in political action, and information on incorporation and nonprofit status. <

“How to Guide for Neighborhood Associations” 
This ‘How to’ guide created by the City of Tallahassee’s Neighborhood Affairs Office provides information on how to organize and maintain a neighborhood association with positive neighborhood relations.

“A Manual for Neighborhood Associations” 
Prepared by the Neighborhood Services Office in College Station, TX, this manual provides information on the how to run a successful neighborhood organization. It also includes sample bylaws, agendas, flyers, and meeting plans.

"Strategies for Developing Neighborhood Associations" 
This document prepared by the City of Clearwater, FL, outlines methods for building relationships and strengthening your neighborhood association and offers tips to help expand and maintain association membership.

“Differences between a Neighborhood Association and a Homeowners Association” 
The City of Tallahassee provides additional information for those seeking to understand the different types of neighborhood organizations including the features that define them.