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Project Name
Magnolia Drive Major Infrastructure Improvements - 
Old St. Augustine Road and Blair Stone Road Intersection Improvement - 
Solid Waste Landfill Closure, Phase II - 
Old St. Augustine Road Sidewalk Project - 
St. Marks Headwaters Greenway, Phase II - 
Springhill Road Bridge Rehabilitation - 
Crowder Road at US 27 (N. Monroe St.) Intersection Improvement - 
Baum Road Drainage Improvement - 
Old Plank Road at Chicken Branch Culvert Replacement - 
Centerville Road Turn Lane Addition at Harpers Ferry - 
Maclay Rd Sidewalk- Meridian Rd to City Limits - 
Tram Rd - Crossing Rocks Rd to Capital Circle SE - 
Blountstown Hwy Sidewalk - Williams Landing Rd to Fort Braden School - 
Chaires Cross Road Sidewalk - Chaires School and Capitola Road - 
Tram Road Multi-Use Trail - Gaile Ave to Crossing Rocks Road - 
Fred George Park Northeast - Land Re-grading - 
Big Bend Scenic Byway - 
Dempsey Mayo Road Extension North - 
Lake Henrietta Sediment Removal - 
Fords Arm South Drainage Improvements - 
Linene Woods Phase 1 - 
Northeast Lake Munson Septic to Sewer Conversion Project - 
Woodside Heights Septic to Sewer Conversion Project - 
Woodville Rural Community Septic to Sewer Conversion Project - 
Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan - 
Advanced Septic System Pilot Project - 
Westway Road Sidewalk - 
Shumard Dr., Canyon Creek Road and Burr Oak Drive Sidewalk - 
Sherborne Road Sidewalk - 
Maylor Road Accessibility Enhancement Project  - 
Miccosukee Community Park (Concord School) - 
Old Bainbridge Road at CCNW Intersection Re-Alignment - 
Miccosukee Road Bridge Replacement - 
Lake Munson Drawdown - 
Septic Upgrade Incentive Program - 
Chaires Cross Road Sidewalk - Green Oak Dr. to Boykin Road - 


Project Name
Natural Bridge Road Sidewalk Project - 
Killearn Lakes Unit I - Drainage Improvements - 
Jackson View Boat Landing - 
Autumn Woods Area Drainage Improvement - 
Raymond Tucker, Golden Pheasant & Windwood Hills Drainage Project - 
Old Bainbridge at Pullen Road Intersection Improvement Project - 
Okeeheepkee Prairie Park - 
Natural Bridge Road - Bridge Replacement - 
Miccosukee Greenway Trail Improvements - Phase II - 
Lake Heritage Dam Improvements - 
Lafayette Street Improvements-Phase 3 - 
Lafayette Street Improvements-Phase 2 - 
Kinhega Drive Roundabout Improvements - 
Killearn Lakes Sidewalk Construction and Traffic Calming - 
Fred George Basin Greenway - 
Edinburgh Estates Drainage Improvement - 
Bannerman Road Corridor Study - 
Ox Bottom Road Sign Improvements Related to Curve at Spencer Road - 
Solid Waste Landfill Closure, Phase I - 
Old Bainbridge Road Safety Improvement, from US 27 to County Line - 
Old Bainbridge Road Safety Improvements from I-10 to Capital Circle NW - 
Tram Road St. Marks River Cross Drain Replacement - 
Gadsden Street Sidewalk - Sixth Street to Eighth Street - 
Crowder Road Sidewalk - US 27N to Boat Landing - 
Chadwick Way Sidewalk - Bull Headley Rd to Deer Lake - 
Tower Oaks Subdivision 2/3's Project - 
Innovation Park Central Pond Trail - 
Smith Creek Bike Lanes - 
Old Bainbridge Road and Knots Lane Safety Improvements - 
Pedrick Pond Littoral Planting - 
Meridian Road Cross Drain at John Hancock Drive - 
Crosswalk on Dempsey Mayo Road at East Emerald Chase - 
Beech Ridge Trail – Chiles HS Sidewalk - 
Gearhart Road Sidewalk from CSX Railroad to Capital Circle - 
Killearn Lakes Greenway Trail - 
Timberlane Rd - Martin Hurst Rd to Market Square - 
Woodville Hwy Sidewalk - Natural Bridge Road to Hickory Lane - 
Chaires Full Size (60/90) Baseball Field - 
Annawood Septic to Sewer Conversion Project - 
Belair Septic to Sewer Conversion Project - 
Crowder Road Boat Landing Drainage Improvement Project - 

Leon County Springs

In May 2018, Leon County began construction on the first of five septic-to-sewer projects in southside Leon County located in the Wakulla Springs Priority Focus Area to improve water quality for citizens. By leveraging more than $8 million dollars to date from the State of Florida, Leon County will convert septic tanks to central sewer, removing nutrients from the ground water and protecting precious natural resources.

The State of Florida also funded an Advanced Septic System Pilot Project to upgrade septic systems outside of septic-to-sewer project areas. These upgraded systems will also reduce nutrients flowing to our ground water.

Since 2005, studies have shown that septic systems are negatively impacting our fragile Florida environment. Locally, it has been proven that failing septic systems in Leon County are contributing to degradation of water quality in Wakulla Springs.

By participating with the grant programs, citizens will save the expense of any future connection. Connection to central sewer could save thousands of dollars while helping to preserve our water supply and protect the groundwater that flows to Wakulla Springs. To make this opportunity possible, Leon County used match dollars to leverage millions of dollars in funding from the State of Florida.

Participation in the advanced septic system project also saves the property owner the expense of upgrading septic systems while improving water quality discharged into our groundwater.

To check if your address is eligible for a grant-funded septic-to-sewer or advanced septic system project, visit: www.LeonCountyFL.gov/PrimarySpringsGISMap. Please note, only certain addresses located in the Priority Focus Area are eligible for sanitary sewer connection.

For more information about the on-going projects, visit the project webpages:
Annawood Central Sewer Connection
Belair Central Sewer Connection
Woodside Heights Central Sewer Connection
Northeast Lake Munson Central Sewer Connection
Woodville Rural Community Central Sewer Connection

For information on other projects, visit:
Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan
Advanced Septic System Pilot Project

For more information, contact:
Felton Ard, P.E.
Customer Support Engineer
Leon County Public Works
2280 Miccosukee Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32308
Email: LeonCountySprings@LeonCountyFL.gov
Phone: (850) 606-1515
Fax: (850) 606-1501

The Livable Infrastructure for Everyone (L.I.F.E.) Rural Road Safety Stabilization Program was approved by the Board of County Commissioners on June 18, 2019. Funded by sales tax revenues, the program assists low income property owners in restoring unsafe, private dirt roads at no-charge. Rural road improvements under this program are intended only to stabilize the dirt road, not to improve it up to County road standards. Improvements may include the following:

  • Roadside ditch repair
  • Dirt road grading
  • Addition of soils for the purpose of dirt road stabilization
  • Addition of aggregates for the purposes of dirt road stabilization
  • Installation of sod and sediment controls for the purpose of stabilizing areas associated with road and stormwater repair activities.

The L.I.F.E. Rural Road Stabilization Program is an application-based program, in which any property owner on the proposed dirt road for improvements may apply. Applications for improvements are available here or at Leon County Public Works, 2280 Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee, Florida, 32308. Upon receipt of an application for improvements, Public Works staff will review the history of the road, consider its traffic patterns, and verify its history. Staff will determine if the requested improvements are warranted, and if so, the extent required to sufficiently stabilize the Rural Road and the boundaries within which stabilization will be performed.

In order to be eligible for the program:

  • A minimum of 60% of property owners abutting the proposed project area (as determined by Public Works staff) must be considered low-income. Property owners are required to complete a Household Income Certification form as part of the approval process for purposes of income verification.
  • 100% of property owners of the parcels abutting the rural road within the boundaries of the project area must: (1) not object to the improvements and (2) grant permission to enter their parcel, if needed, to accomplish the proposed improvements.
  • No portion of the project area can be within an area that has previously been repaired through the L.I.F.E. Rural Road Stabilization Program. Due to funding availability, the program will only provide a one-time improvement within a specific project boundary.

County staff will review the completed documentation to determine if all program eligibility requirements are met. If approved, projects will be placed on the implementation list. Projects will be prioritized in the order in which their applications were approved with limited exceptions. Approval and scheduling of all requests for improvements are contingent upon the availability of program funding.

Upon completion of the Rural Road improvements, the requesting property owners will be solely responsible, at their expense, for all future maintenance responsibilities of the Rural Road(s). As such, the County will in no manner assume any responsibility for such future maintenance. Owners are encouraged to inquire about the availability of the County’s Private Road Preventative Maintenance and Repair Program and the 2/3 Program for road improvements as options for future road maintenance needs.

For more information contact:

Justin Kinsley, P.E., Design Engineer
(850) 606-1528

Felton Ard, P.E., Customer Support Engineer
(850) 606-1515


Consent Form
Income Verification Form
Private Road Preventative Maintenance

Click Here for the Leon County Road Closure Request Form.