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Woodville Rural Community Septic to Sewer Conversion Project

The Woodville Rural Community will benefit from a partially grant-funded septic-to-sewer conversion. Leon County has been investing millions of dollars in the Primary Springs Protection Zone to help improve water quality by transitioning over a thousand of septic tanks to central sewer. Specific to Woodville Rural Community, the value of this work has been estimated at more than $10,000 per home.

By hooking up now under the grant program, your family will save the expense of future connection charges. Your connection to central sewer now could save you thousands of dollars while helping to preserve our water supply and protect the groundwater that flows to Wakulla Springs. To make this opportunity possible, Leon County used match dollars to leverage millions of dollars in funding from the State of Florida. There is no construction cost to the property owners for this sewer project.

What is this going to cost me?
Once you are connected to the central sewer system, you will begin receiving a monthly sewer bill that is based on your monthly water consumption. The sewer bill is based on the actual water use. If you decide not to connect, you will still receive a monthly sewer bill or “readiness to serve” charge of approximately $29.

If you are currently on a private water well, once you are connected to City water, your bill will include a water charge.

The following expenses will be paid by Leon County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Estimated at more than $10,000/home):

  • Sewer connection to home & associated fees, and possible water service connection
  • Abandonment of septic tank(s), and possible water well(s) abandonment
  • Restoration of yard 

Payment for the above expenses will only occur during the grant period.

If you agree to connect to central sewer and are currently on a private water well, your home will be connected to the City of Tallahassee’s water system and your well will be properly abandoned. The project will cover the cost of this construction work, including permitting and City system charges. This could save you more than $5,500 in addition to the savings for the sewer connection.

To check if your address is eligible for a grant-funded septic-to-sewer project, visit:

Fill out and return this form to “Connect to Protect”: Woodville Rural Community Sewer Connection Form
For the septic to sewer / advanced septic system projects, Leon County residents can submit notarized application forms by e-mail to Felton Ard ( to ensure they receive the planned upgrade. Residents unable notarize their applications due to COVID-19 can still submit forms by email and County staff will follow up with residents to finalize the application once the COVID-19 emergency measures have been rescinded.

Project Schedule:

Information provided for the Neighborhood Meetings

Power Point Presentation for Thursday, September 12, 2019 Open House Meeting

Preliminary Project Construction Starting Dates
(NOTE: Starting Dates are very property acquisition dependent.)

Phase 1A – Summer (June) 2023
Phase 1B – Winter (December) 2023
Phase 1C-1 – Fall 2024 - Pending ROW/Easement Acquisition
Phase 1C-2 – Winter 2025 - Pending ROW/Easement Acquisition

The above schedules are preliminary and will be adjusted when more project information is finalized.

Project Contact:
Felton Ard, P.E.
Customer Support Engineer
Leon County Public Works
2280 Miccosukee Rd., Tall., FL 32308
Phone: (850) 606-1515
Fax: (850) 606-1501