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Advanced Septic System Pilot Project

The Wakulla Springs Priority Focus Area will benefit from the proposed septic system conversions to advanced treatment drainfields. The State of Florida provided $1.5 million to upgrade septic systems which are not being addressed by the central sewer construction. By converting now under the grant program, your family will save the expense of future upgrade if your property is within the Priority Focus Area and less than one acre in size. Your conversion now could save you thousands of dollars while helping to preserve our water supply and protect the groundwater that flows to Wakulla Springs.

What is this going to cost me?
The following expenses will be paid by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection during the grant period (Estimated at $10,000/home):

  • Drainfield reconstruction & associated fees
  • Connection to septic tank
  • Restoration of yard

Contact Felton Ard at 850-606-1500 or by e-mail at for a form to "Connect to Protect".