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Florida Transport Systems

The Transportation System Coordinator (TSC) answers directly to the Public Works Director on issues ranging from planning and project implementation to public participation. Working in cooperation with the County’s Division of Engineering Services and the City/County Planning Department, the TSC guides the transportation planning efforts of the County by assisting in the development of short and long range transportation plans that support the County’s ability to develop and implement a systems approach to the provision of transportation services within the County. While, carrying out these responsibilities, the TSC also manages the County’s Public Participation Program and is constantly seeking ways to improve citizen’s ability to be heard and recognized during the transportation planning and implementation process.

Fundamental components of the Transportation Systems Office are: directing transportation planning efforts, developing and implementing aggressive community involvement programs and networking with federal, state and other local agencies on transportation related matters. The TSC also serves as the County staff liaison to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Transportation Disadvantaged Board, Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee, Transportation Planning Advisory Committee and is project manager for specific consultant Transportation Corridor Studies and the County’s newly funded Bike/Sidewalk Program.

During the last decade major changes have taken place in how all levels of government (federal, state and local) plan for and provide transportation services. One of the most significant changes is movement away from the assumption that government would plan and provide for the single occupant vehicle (SOV) only, with little regard for other modes of transportation and land use issues. This focus on the SOV as the only valid source of urban transportation and the separateness in planning for the SOV did not allow transportation planning professionals to analyze and determine need based on the performance of the entire transportation system - now called a systems approach to transportation planning. The dominance of the SOV as the only solution to urban congestion problems has resulted in a dynamic increase in congestion and revenue necessary to satisfy the SOV’s appetite for more and more highway capacity. For the last decade the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been on the leading edge of researching ways to develop integrated transportation systems. This trend was given national support when the United States Congress passed the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). In short, ISTEA expects all levels of government to develop integrated transportation plans and systems. As a result, transportation planning efforts are expected to increase and become more diverse as new planning techniques are developed. Increased reliance upon computerization and inter and intra-departmental cooperation is also anticipated in order to meet the expectations of citizens and government.

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Administer citizen participation for County roadway proposals/projects and insure communication with all citizens, neighborhood associations and groups relative to transportation issues.

  • Coordinate and network County transportation planning efforts with Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), FDOT and other state agencies.

  • Review, analyze and make recommendations for Comprehensive Plan Capital Improvement Element transportation projects.

  • Develop transportation agenda requests and reports for the Board and MPO.

  • Provide County participation in Tallahassee-Leon County Long Range Transportation Plan, the Transportation Improvement Plan, Unified Planning Work Program, transportation annual reports and other transportation studies.

  • Research, develop, analyze and coordinate alternative transportation modes.

  • Develop and/or assist in preparation of transportation management alternatives and specialty plans (bikeways/pedestrian ways).

  • Develop a dynamic public participation program around county transportation projects for existing and new corridors.

  • Develop an Education Awareness Program.

  • Prepare and support submittal of federal and state grant applications for roadway improvements.

  • Review and analyze transportation legislation.

  • Recommend and develop new legislative initiatives.

  • Represent the County on local transportation and bicycle safety committees.

  • Develop, administer and manage contractual agreements with outside consultants and contractors.

  • Provide data and participate in litigation issues against Leon County.

  • Represent the county on all appropriate transportation committees.

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