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Little League Registration

Frequently Asked Questions about Little League

Background Checks

Little League District 20 Homepage

Woodville Little League

(playing at J. Lewis Hall, Sr. Park - aka Woodville Park)

Contact: Kim Gilley at 510-0498


Chaires Little League

(playing at Daniel B. Chaires Park)

Contact:  Erin Cuzzort at 322-1532 or Keith Wemm at 545-4508


Fort Braden Little League

(playing at Ft. Braden Park)

Contact: Robert Bradford at 566-2452 or Kristi Walker at 556-4267


Northwest Leon Little League

(playing at Canopy Oaks Park)

Contact: Jean Fraser at 591-0716


Savannah Newton Challenger Little League

(for players with special needs, playing at Canopy Oaks Park)

Contact: Mindy Rudd

ruddley23@hotmail.com or sports4specialkids@yahoo.com

Miccosukee Little League

(playing at newly renovated Miccosukee Park)

Contact: Kristi Aiken or Paige Loggins at 567-0295


Leon County Division of Parks and Recreation
Director: Leigh Davis
2280 Miccosukee Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
(850) 606-1470
(850) 606-1471 (fax)