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Water Resources

Interactive 2018 Water Quality Report (for data collected in 2017) now available!

For more information on sampling methods, to see the raw data, and for previous year's reports, please visit our Water Quality Data page.


 Know Your Watershed - Leon County Drainage Basin Map


Lake Lafayette - Piney Z section

Leon County is laced with miles of lakes, rivers, streams, and springs.  These waterbodies are an integral part of the County as well as our world’s ecosystem and provide various recreational and esthetic opportunities including: fishing, bird watching, hunting, boating, and swimming.  These waterbodies serve as stopping off points for migratory wildfowl as well as providing food and habitat for fish, amphibians, aquatic insects, mammals, and reptiles.  Some waterbodies eventually drain into sinks and enter the groundwater, which is a primary source of drinking water for much of the state.  And in the case of Lake Talquin they are used for hydro-electric power generation.  For these reasons as well as others, it’s very important to protect these waterbodies for our physical, mental, and economic health, as well as the health of future generations.

Ochlockonee River near County Road 12

Please click on the links below to learn more about our local water resources.

Water Quality Issues

Water Quality Monitoring Program

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Fish Consumption Advisory Information for Leon County Water bodies

Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Management Plans for Leon County Lakes

Water Quality Monitoring Presentation to Science Advisory Committee 2014

Flooded Property Acquisition Program

Capital Improvement Projects

Citizen Online Problem Reporting

Report an Illicit Discharge

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