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Watershed Protection Initiative

The Tallahassee-Leon County Water Atlas (Water Atlas) serves as a single source of County/ City water resource data using existing information and management technologies.

Got a picture of some of our local natural resources, waterbodies, and wildlife?  View the news release for more information and get involved by taking a look at the Water Atlas Website .

Learn more about the Watershed Protection Initiative, including goals, board members, and meeting information.

Citizen Participation 
Find out what you as a citizen of Tallahassee and Leon County can do to ensure that your community has clean water.

View the current stormwater projects around the city and the county.

Area Images 
View images of stormwater facilities around the city and the county.

Links to related agencies, groups and resources.



Leon County and the City of Tallahassee have partnered to provide enhanced watershed protection for the capital region.  
The Tallahassee-Leon County Watershed Management Policy Board (WMPB) was created in order to identify a unified standard for stormwater protection in our community. The WMPB has set short and long term goals that will lead to the improvement of our water quality and the protection of our regional lakes and basins.


Contact Information
City: Michelle Bono, 850-891-8200, 
County: Shington Lamy, 850-606-5300,