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Greenway Wildflowers


Wild Flower Yellow - Daisy viriaty Wild Flower Yellow - Daisy viriaty

Leon County Parks and Recreation staff planted wildflower seeds more than a year ago in coordination with the Leon County Extension Office, Dr. Jeff Norcini of the University of Florida/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center at Quincy, and Buck Lake Elementary School students. The students assisted with sowing seed in four test plots at Alford Greenway in September 2004 as part of their Environment Service Learning Project with Leon County Extension and Parks & Recreation.

Wild Flower Yellow - Daisy viriatyThe flowers are native to north Florida. With carefully-scheduled mowing by Parks and Recreation staff, the flowers should naturally re-seed and bloom each spring through early summer, beautifying the greenways for years to come.

There are four wildflower test plots at the front entrance of Alford Arm Greenway and a ten acre hillside planting on the Miccosukee Greenway visible from the Edenfield Rd. entrance (west of the parking area).


Leon County Division of Parks and Recreation
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