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Direct Emergency Assistance Program


As of March 13th, 2020, the City of Tallahassee has released the following statement regarding Tallahassee utilities: “To help ease any potential immediate financial burden customers may experience as a result of COVID-19, the disconnection of utility services for non-payment including electric or water will halt for 60 days. Billing for usage will continue”.

In the interim, City of Tallahassee utility customers that are experiencing difficulty with paying their utility bill are encouraged to contact local partners such as Capital Area Community Action Agency (850-222-2043) and ECHO (850-224-3246) for financial counseling services. The County will resume assistance for City of Tallahassee utility customers through the DEAP and VEAP programs on May 12th, 2020.

The Direct Emergency Assistance Program (DEAP) is designed to meet the emergency needs of residents of Leon County by providing financial assistance with rent/mortgage and utilities to avoid disruption in a household living circumstance.  Situations arise where, due to a family crisis, loss of employment, or some other emergency, an individual or family find they are temporarily unable to meet their basic needs. The DEAP program provides temporary emergency assistance and is not on-going public assistance.

Maximum Payment Amounts

Shelter (Rent/Mortgage)

Up to $400


Up to $200

Contact the Leon County Human Services and Community Partnerships at 850-606-1900 to get additional information for the DEAP Program.

As of March 16th, Leon County will be conducting the DEAP process and reviewing applications via phone and email. See below for instructions on how to apply for DEAP assistance:

  1. Call Malinda Harris, Administrative Assistant V at (850)-606-1900 ;
  2. Collect required documents Documents Required ;
  3. Complete an online Application here Application;
  4. Submit all documents via web to Malinda Harris, Administrative Assistant V ;
  5. Receive a decision on your request within 24 hours or less ;
  6. Payment will be made directly to your creditor if approved within 7-10 business days (Promise to Pay letters will be submitted if necessary)