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Business > County Projects
Project Name
Advanced Septic System Pilot Project -  Map
Baum Road Drainage Improvement -  Map
Big Bend Scenic Byway -  Map
Blountstown Hwy Sidewalk - Williams Landing Rd to Fort Braden School -  Map
Centerville Road Turn Lane Addition at Harpers Ferry -  Map
Chaires Cross Road Sidewalk - Chaires School and Capitola Road -  Map
Chaires Cross Road Sidewalk - Green Oak Dr. to Boykin Road -  Map
Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan -  Map
Crowder Road at US 27 (N. Monroe St.) Intersection Improvement -  Map
Dempsey Mayo Road Extension North -  Map
Fords Arm South Drainage Improvements -  Map
Fred George Park Northeast - Land Re-grading -  Map
Lake Henrietta Sediment Removal -  Map
Lake Munson Drawdown -  Map
Linene Woods Phase 1 -  Map
Maclay Rd Sidewalk- Meridian Rd to City Limits -  Map
Magnolia Drive Major Infrastructure Improvements -  Map
Maylor Road Accessibility Enhancement Project -  Map
Miccosukee Road Bridge Replacement -  Map
Northeast Lake Munson Septic to Sewer Conversion Project -  Map
Old Bainbridge Road at CCNW Intersection Re-Alignment -  Map
Old Plank Road at Chicken Branch Culvert Replacement -  Map
Old St. Augustine Road and Blair Stone Road Intersection Improvement -  Map
Old St. Augustine Road Sidewalk Project -  Map
Septic Upgrade Incentive Program -  Map
Sherborne Road Sidewalk -  Map
Shumard Dr. - Canyon Creek Road and Burr Oak Drive Sidewalk -  Map
Solid Waste Landfill Closure - Phase II -  Map
Springhill Road Bridge Rehabilitation -  Map
St. Marks Headwaters Greenway - Phase II -  Map
Tram Rd - Crossing Rocks Rd to Capital Circle SE -  Map
Tram Road Multi-Use Trail - Gaile Ave to Crossing Rocks Road -  Map
Westway Road Sidewalk -  Map
Woodside Heights Septic to Sewer Conversion Project -  Map
Woodville Rural Community Septic to Sewer Conversion Project -  Map
Project Name
Annawood Septic to Sewer Conversion Project -  Map
Autumn Woods Area Drainage Improvement -  Map
Bannerman Road Corridor Study -  Map
Beech Ridge Trail – Chiles HS Sidewalk -  Map
Belair Septic to Sewer Conversion Project -  Map
Chadwick Way Sidewalk - Bull Headley Rd to Deer Lake -  Map
Chaires Full Size (60/90) Baseball Field -  Map
Crosswalk on Dempsey Mayo Road at East Emerald Chase -  Map
Crowder Road Boat Landing Drainage Improvement Project -  Map
Crowder Road Sidewalk - US 27N to Boat Landing -  Map
Edinburgh Estates Drainage Improvement -  Map
Fred George Basin Greenway -  Map
Gadsden Street Sidewalk - Sixth Street to Eighth Street -  Map
Gearhart Road Sidewalk from CSX Railroad to Capital Circle -  Map
Innovation Park Central Pond Trail -  Map
Jackson View Boat Landing -  Map
Killearn Lakes Greenway Trail -  Map
Killearn Lakes Sidewalk Construction and Traffic Calming -  Map
Killearn Lakes Unit I - Drainage Improvements -  Map
Kinhega Drive Roundabout Improvements -  Map
Lafayette Street Improvements-Phase 2 -  Map
Lafayette Street Improvements-Phase 3 -  Map
Lake Heritage Dam Improvements -  Map
Meridian Road Cross Drain at John Hancock Drive -  Map
Miccosukee Greenway Trail Improvements - Phase II -  Map
Natural Bridge Road - Bridge Replacement -  Map
Natural Bridge Road Sidewalk Project -  Map
Okeeheepkee Prairie Park -  Map
Old Bainbridge at Pullen Road Intersection Improvement Project -  Map
Old Bainbridge Road and Knots Lane Safety Improvements -  Map
Old Bainbridge Road Safety Improvement, from US 27 to County Line -  Map
Old Bainbridge Road Safety Improvements from I-10 to Capital Circle NW -  Map
Ox Bottom Road Sign Improvements Related to Curve at Spencer Road -  Map
Pedrick Pond Littoral Planting -  Map
Raymond Tucker, Golden Pheasant & Windwood Hills Drainage Project -  Map
Smith Creek Bike Lanes -  Map
Solid Waste Landfill Closure, Phase I -  Map
Timberlane Rd - Martin Hurst Rd to Market Square -  Map
Tower Oaks Subdivision 2/3's Project -  Map
Tram Road St. Marks River Cross Drain Replacement -  Map
Woodville Hwy Sidewalk - Natural Bridge Road to Hickory Lane -  Map
Project Name
Bannerman Road Corridor Study
Ben Boulevard Drainage Improvement -  Map
Killearn Acres Middle Basin Drainage Improvements -  Map
Lake Munson Drawdown -  Map
Lawndale Road Drainage Improvement -  Map
Rhodes Cemetery Road Improvements -  Map

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