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Volunteer Opportunities

VolunteerLEON, a division of Leon County Government, believes strong communities identify and solve problems alongside local government. By answering our needs through service, Leon County supports interconnected neighborhoods and families, answering the needs of tomorrow today.

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Before browsing volunteer opportunities, keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • VolunteerLEON does not directly administrate any program on the Volunteer "Get Connected" network Our staff cannot place, orient, train, or confirm volunteer service for other organizations.
  • Once you apply online, please call the organizations within seven to ten days. Many coordinators receive dozens and dozens of emails a day, or a spam filter may catch the email announcement. Please follow up by phone.
  • Once you apply with a local organization, they will often have paperwork to complete for their agency. Please be considerate of the agency's process, which is designed to provide you with the best volunteer experience while also responsibly serving their clients.